Natural Vitality Natural Essence Edible Fruit Edible Meat Spirit Stone of Light Stamina Spirit Stone of Darkness Stamina Spirit Stone of Eternity Stamina Ancient Crafting Stone Powder Chronos Stone Powder Eternity Stone Powder Morio Dissolving Fluid Colarion Enchanting Crystal Refined Morio Dissolving Fluid Frigida Legion Balaur Scale Frigida Legion Equipment Soulstone Frigida Brigade Balaur Scale Frigida Brigade Equipment Soulstone Chaotic Dimension Stone Chaotic Belus Stone Magic Chaotic Dimension Stone Magic Chaotic Belus Stone Miragent Pattern Fenril Pattern Pet-safe Jerky Pet-safe Cookie Pet-safe Ribs Pet-safe Meat Lankino Dismantling Tool Siege Weapon Power Generator Opportunity Stone Masterwork Lankino Dismantling Tool Tempest Commander Soulstone Iron Wall Commander Soulstone Defense Commander Soulstone Contribution Commander Soulstone Aurorium Crystal Cut Aurorium Crystal Hecalite Brigade General's Divine Weapon Soulstone Brigade General's Divine Armor Soulstone Brigade General's Divine Accessory Soulstone Starlight Hilliote Crystal Moonlight Hilliote Crystal Gray Wolf Badge Gray Wolf Holy Water Harvester Equipment Soulstone Caeus' Fragment Genesis Crystal Forest Wind Servant Energy of Fire Mountain Noble Surkana Noble Drazma Concentrated Drana Processed Drana Vicious Mind of Wrath Wrathful Will Wrathful Ego [Static] Maddened Wrathful Mind [Static] Maddened Wrathful Will [Static] Maddened Wrathful Ego Vicious Terrifying Mind Terrifying Will Terrifying Ego [Static] Berserk Vicious Terrifying Mind [Static] Berserk Terrifying Will [Static] Berserk Terrifying Ego Vicious Mind of Pleasure Violent Will Violent Ego [Static] Fatal Vicious Mind of Pleasure [Static] Fatal Violent Will [Static] Fatal Violent Ego Execration of Wrath [Static] Maddened Execration of Wrath [Static] Clouded Execration of Wrath Execration of Terror [Static] Berserk Execration of Terror [Static] Furious Execration of Terror Execration of Pleasure [Static] Fatal Execration of Pleasure [Static] Inescapable Execration of Pleasure Urge of Wrath [Static] Maddened Urge of Wrath [Static] Clouded Urge of Wrath Urge of Terror [Static] Berserk Urge of Terror [Static] Furious Urge of Terror Urge of Pleasure [Static] Fatal Urge of Pleasure [Static] Inescapable Urge of Pleasure Mortal Wrath [Static] Deadly Wrath [Static] Malicious Wrath Mortal Envy [Static] Deadly Envy [Static] Malicious Envy Mortal Pride [Static] Deadly Pride [Static] Malicious Pride Thick Balaur Horn Thick Balaur Scale Thick Balaur Skin Cold Balaur Blood Stain Tough Balaur Meat Hard Balaur Horn Hard Balaur Scale Hard Balaur Skin Hot Balaur Blood Stain Tender Balaur Meat Solid Balaur Horn Solid Balaur Scale Solid Balaur Skin Boiling Balaur Blood Stain Fresh Balaur Meat Firm Balaur Horn Firm Balaur Scale Firm Balaur Skin Burning Balaur Blood Stain Lustrous Balaur Meat Gleaming Balaur Horn Gleaming Balaur Scale Gleaming Balaur Skin Gleaming Balaur Blood Gleaming Balaur Meat Raw Pluma Meat Raw Kurin Meat Crestlich Breast Meat Raw Rynoce Meat Raw Griffon Meat Raw Klaw Meat Raw Frillneck Meat Raw Starturtle Meat Raw Basilisk Meat Moonflower Fruit Cellatu Meat Calydon Meat Crestlich Meat Moonflower Leaf Lean Cellatu Meat Prime Abex Cut Processed Abex Meat Raw Brax Meat Fungen Cap Raw Ksellid Meat Raw Monitor Meat Raw Crestlich Meat Raw Granker Meat Tipolid Raw Meat Raw Snuffler Meat