Dragrint Root Moist Dragrint Root Hard Dragrint Root Fresh Dragrint Root Solid Dragrint Root Fragrant Dragrint Root Broken Claw Fragment Broken Claw Cracked Claw Worn Claw Twisted Claw Crooked Claw Hard Claw Sharp Claw Solid Claw Noble Claw Crushed Surkana Fragment Useless Surkana Fragment Small Surkana Fragment Shabby Surkana Fragment Surkana Fragment Coarse Surkana Fragment Huge Surkana Fragment Cursed Surkana Fragment Jeweled Surkana Fragment Noble Surkana Fragment Drakscale Fragment Tattered Drakscale Thin Drakscale Scratched Drakscale Drakscale Intact Drakscale Thick Drakscale Glossy Drakscale Hazy Drakscale Noble Drakscale Broken Compass Unscrewed Compass Cracked Compass Rusty Compass Old Compass Shulack Compass Oiled Compass Silver Compass Gold Compass Jeweled Compass Silver Ingot Gold Ingot Platinum Ingot Mottled Root Bloody Root Huge Claw Cursed Claw Cursed Bone Noble Bone Hazy Wind's Breath Beautiful Wind's Breath Hazy Fire Fragment Beautiful Fire Fragment Hazy Water Essence Beautiful Water Essence Hazy Earth Fragment Beautiful Earth Fragment Mottled Lens Bloody Lens Huge Crystal Beautiful Crystal Cursed Hoverstone Jeweled Hoverstone Hazy Fragment Ensouled Fragment Cursed Granker Horn Noble Granker Horn Ancient Armor Ensouled Armor Cursed Feather Noble Feather Beautiful Villager Soul Noble Villager Soul Huge Scale Hazy Scale Contaminated Leg Mottled Leg Huge Pincers Contaminated Pincers Huge Tusk Contaminated Tusk Contaminated Thorn Beautiful Thorn Hazy Wardstone Fragment Noble Wardstone Fragment Noble Soul of Vengeful Spirit Ancient Vengeful Soul Hazy Soldier Soul Noble Soul of Ancient Soldier Hazy Magician Soul Noble Soul of Ancient Magician Noble Golem Fragment Ancient Power Shard Fragment Bloody Rags Cursed Rags Huge Flame Tribe Claw Cursed Flame Tribe Claw Beautiful Mane Noble Mane White Horn Noble Horn Noble Asmodian's Soul Pure Asmodian's Soul Noble Elyos' Soul Pure Elyos' Soul Cursed Fluid Pure Fluid Bloody Meat Cursed Meat Pure Sap Cursed Sap Beautiful Nature's Defender's Crystal Noble Nature's Defender's Crystal Beautiful Ancient Defender's Crystal Noble Ancient Defender's Crystal Beautiful Fire's Defender's Crystal Noble Fire's Defender's Crystal Beautiful Aether's Defender's Crystal Noble Aether's Defender's Crystal Beautiful Shadow's Defender's Crystal Noble Shadow's Defender's Crystal Beautiful Light's Defender's Crystal Noble Light's Defender's Crystal Guardian Patrol Rank Pin Guardian Patrol Insignia Archon Patrol Rank Pin Archon Patrol Insignia Lepharist Elite Insignia Lepharist Elite Seal Contaminated Shackle Drana Shackle Contaminated Krall Armor Drana Krall Armor Contaminated Mau Armor Drana Mau Armor White Herb Sack Fragrant Herb Sack Dragon Lord Guard Crest Drakan Guard Crest Contaminated Draconute Armor Drana Draconute Armor Contaminated Naga Scale Beautiful Naga Scale