Roughened Rune Relic Piece Roughened Essence of Spirit Roughened Ancient Manastone Fragment Roughened Rare Species' Membrane Useless Rare Insect's Outer Skin Useless Beast's Claw Useless Rare Ore Useless Idium Crystal Useless Ancient Elim's Sap Useless Rune Accessory Piece Useless Fragment of Spirit Useless Ancient Manastone Piece Useless Rare Species' Scale Useless Rare Insect's Leg Useless Beast's Bone Useless Precious Metal Powder Useless Transparent Crystal Useless Ancient Elim's Essence Useless Rune Relic Piece Useless Essence of Spirit Useless Ancient Manastone Fragment Useless Rare Species' Membrane Shabby Rare Insect's Outer Skin Shabby Beast's Claw Shabby Rare Ore Shabby Idium Crystal Shabby Ancient Elim's Sap Shabby Rune Accessory Piece Shabby Fragment of Spirit Shabby Ancient Manastone Piece Shabby Rare Species' Scale Shabby Rare Insect's Leg Shabby Beast's Bone Shabby Precious Metal Powder Shabby Transparent Crystal Shabby Ancient Elim's Essence Shabby Rune Relic Piece Shabby Essence of Spirit Shabby Ancient Manastone Fragment Shabby Rare Species' Membrane Soiled Rare Insect's Outer Skin Soiled Beast's Claw Soiled Rare Ore Soiled Idium Crystal Soiled Ancient Elim's Sap Soiled Rune Accessory Piece Soiled Fragment of Spirit Soiled Ancient Manastone Piece Soiled Rare Species' Scale Soiled Rare Insect's Leg Soiled Beast's Bone Soiled Precious Metal Powder Soiled Transparent Crystal Soiled Ancient Elim's Essence Soiled Rune Relic Piece Soiled Essence of Spirit Soiled Ancient Manastone Fragment Soiled Rare Species' Membrane Dirty Rare Insect's Outer Skin Dirty Beast's Claw Dirty Rare Ore Dirty Idium Crystal Dirty Ancient Elim's Sap Dirty Rune Accessory Piece Dirty Fragment of Spirit Dirty Ancient Manastone Piece Dirty Rare Species' Scale Dirty Rare Insect's Leg Dirty Beast's Bone Dirty Precious Metal Powder Dirty Transparent Crystal Dirty Ancient Elim's Essence Dirty Rune Relic Piece Dirty Essence of Spirit Dirty Ancient Manastone Fragment Dirty Rare Species' Membrane Contaminated Rare Insect's Outer Skin Contaminated Beast's Claw Contaminated Rare Ore Contaminated Idium Crystal Contaminated Ancient Elim's Sap Contaminated Rune Accessory Piece Contaminated Fragment of Spirit Contaminated Ancient Manastone Piece Contaminated Rare Species' Scale Contaminated Rare Insect's Leg Contaminated Beast's Bone Contaminated Precious Metal Powder Contaminated Transparent Crystal Contaminated Ancient Elim's Essence Contaminated Rune Relic Piece Contaminated Essence of Spirit Contaminated Ancient Manastone Fragment Contaminated Rare Species' Membrane Corroded Rare Insect's Outer Skin Corroded Beast's Claw Corroded Rare Ore Corroded Idium Crystal Corroded Ancient Elim's Sap Corroded Rune Accessory Piece Corroded Fragment of Spirit Corroded Ancient Manastone Piece Corroded Rare Species' Scale Corroded Rare Insect's Leg Corroded Beast's Bone Corroded Precious Metal Powder Corroded Transparent Crystal Corroded Ancient Elim's Essence Corroded Rune Relic Piece Corroded Essence of Spirit Corroded Ancient Manastone Fragment Corroded Rare Species' Membrane Deformed Rare Insect's Outer Skin Deformed Beast's Claw Deformed Rare Ore Deformed Idium Crystal Deformed Ancient Elim's Sap Deformed Rune Accessory Piece Deformed Fragment of Spirit Deformed Ancient Manastone Piece Deformed Rare Species' Scale Deformed Rare Insect's Leg Deformed Beast's Bone Deformed Precious Metal Powder Deformed Transparent Crystal Deformed Ancient Elim's Essence Deformed Rune Relic Piece Deformed Essence of Spirit Deformed Ancient Manastone Fragment Deformed Rare Species' Membrane Rotten Rare Insect's Outer Skin Rotten Beast's Claw Rotten Rare Ore Rotten Idium Crystal Rotten Ancient Elim's Sap Rotten Rune Accessory Piece Rotten Fragment of Spirit Rotten Ancient Manastone Piece Rotten Rare Species' Scale Rotten Rare Insect's Leg Rotten Beast's Bone Rotten Precious Metal Powder Rotten Transparent Crystal Rotten Ancient Elim's Essence Rotten Rune Accessory Fragment Rotten Essence of Spirit Rotten Ancient Manastone Fragment Rotten Rare Species' Membrane Dusty Rare Insect's Outer Skin