Friendship Bundle Friendship Bundle Friendship Bundle Odium Bundle Housing Accessory Bundle Ashunatal's Jacket Box Hugen's Pants Box Hugen's Pauldrons Box Ashunatal's Glove Box Popuchin's Shoebox Popuchin's Hairpin Box Ashunatal's Earrings Box Popuchin's Ring Box Hugen's Belt Box Platinum Medal Chest Sharptooth Surprise Sharptooth Surprise Packaged Sharptooth Packaged Sharptooth Heavy Hidden Bundle Large Hidden Bundle Hidden Bundle Powerful Transformation OK Box OK Enchantment Stone Box OK Manastone Box Korean Thanksgiving Dish Box Super Transformation OK Box Minor Kahrun's Box Lesser Kahrun's Box Kahrun's Box Greater Kahrun's Box Major Kahrun's Box Lesser Contribution Bundle Contribution Bundle Greater Contribution Bundle Major Contribution Bundle Seres' Material Box Silion's Material Box Reian's Old Bundle Minor Contribution Bundle [Event] Everlasting Enchantment Stone Box Construction Flux Bundle Lesser Enchantment Stone Bundle Elemental Stone Bundle Unknown Weathered Accessory Weighty Arena Bundle Supplies Weighty Arena Bundle Supplies Opportunity Bundle Chunk of Sand Unknown Petal Fine Kahrun's Box Superb Kahrun's Box Enchantment Stone Bundle [Event] New Friends Housewarming Box [Event] Bardic Prize [Event] Epic Bardic Prize [Event] Reward for Bravery [Event] Reward for Heroism [Event] Reward for Daring [Event] Reward for Valor [Event] Small Lovers' Costume Box [Event] Small Jester Costume Box [Event] Small School Uniform Box [Event] Small Hairpin Box [Event] Wellness Kit [Event] Wild Heart Headband Box [Event] Sweet Chocolate Basket [Event] Sweet Candy Basket [Event] Sweet Little Gift Bag [Event] Lovely Traditional Costume Box [Event] Lovely Dye Box [Event] Lovely Snack Box [Event] Lovely Little Gift Bag [Event] Wonderland Costume Box [Event] Wonderland Hat Box [Event] Wonderland Dye Box [Event] Wonderland Gift Bag [Event] Solorius Costume Box [Event] Solorius Hat Box [Event] Solorius Candy Stocking [Event] Solorius Gift Bag Plastic Surgery Ticket Box (1 day) Plastic Surgery Ticket Box (3 days) Gender Switch Ticket Box (1 day) Gender Switch Ticket Box (3 days) Mithril Medal Chest Lukeshunerk's Package Lukeshunerk's Emergency Supplies Lukeshunerk's Divination Chest [Event] White Tiger Jade Crate [Event] Blue Dragon Silver Crate [Event] Phoenix Gold Crate [Event] Elemental Reviving Stone Pouch [Event] Lucky Accessory Chest Birthday Cake Bundle Guestbloom Fertilizer Bundle Friendship Bundle Friendship Bundle Raksha's General Goods Bundle Resistance Army's General Goods Bundle Guestbloom Gratitude Plate Bundle Guestbloom Gratitude Chain Bundle Dragonbound Leather Costume Bundle Dragonbound Cloth Costume Bundle Friendship Bundle Friendship Bundle Friendship Bundle Friendship Bundle Lesser Ancient Icon Bundle [Event] Firecracker Box Enchantment Stone Refill Box (10-day pass) Fabled Godstone Bundle Mysterious Box [Event] Noble Box of Life [Event] Eternal Treasure Chest [Event] Small Eternal Treasure Chest [Event] Major Balaur Bundle [Event] Greater Balaur Bundle [Event] Balaur Bundle [Event] Lesser Balaur Bundle [Event] Greater Running Scroll Bundle [Event] Ripe Fruit Box [Event] Ripe Fruit Sacred Chalice Bundle [Event] Ripe Crown Fruit Bundle [Event] Ripe Enchantment Fruit Bundle [Event] Candy Pouch [Event] Gift Box of the First Snow [Event] Thank-you Enchantment Stone Box Premium Crown Box [Event] Red Inquin Candy Bundle Refilling Enchantment Stone Box (7-day pass) Ancient Icon Bundle Surprise Guestbloom Bundle Fine Medal Chest [Event] Lucky Envelope Small Medal Box Large Medal Box Fancy Medal Chest [Event] White Tiger Jade Crate [Event] Blue Dragon Silver Crate [Event] Phoenix Gold Crate [Event] Rations Pack [Event] Jade Box [Event] Silver Box [Event] Gold Box [Event] Jade Box [Event] Silver Box [Event] Gold Box [Event] Firecracker Box