Sanctum Defense Turret Energy Source Pandaemonium Defense Turret Energy Source Watcher Suppression Bomb Supply Box Key Watcher Suppression Bomb Supply Box Key Explosives Locker Key Explosives Locker Key Maedrunerk Legion Treasure Chest Key Maedrunerk LegionLoot Box Key Glittering Gold Ingot Iron Fence Key Kumuki Crate Key Restricted Library Card Blue Tome Red Tome Yellow Tome Black Tome Purification Chamber Key - 4 Purification Chamber Key - 3 Purification Chamber Key - 2 Jail Key Jail Key Jail Key Meditation Chamber Key Lift to Enlightenment Key Enlightenment Key Black Oil Light Glyph Stone Tablet Ice Glyph Stone Tablet Fire Glyph Stone Tablet Earth Glyph Stone Tablet Shadow Glyph Stone Tablet Soul Vault Key Altar of Respite Key Gogorunerk's Gauntlet Ornate Treasure Chest Key Gogorunerk's Gauntlet Common Treasure Chest Key Soul Communion Stone Tiamaranta's Eye Treasure Crate Key Tiamaranta's Eye Treasure Chest Key Tiamaranta's Eye Treasure Crate Key Tiamaranta's Eye Treasure Chest Key Iron Coin Bronze Coin Silver Coin Gold Coin Platinum Coin Iron Coin Bronze Coin Silver Coin Gold Coin Platinum Coin Dukaki Amulet Krall Ration Lepharist Crest Malodor Thorn Tarnished Ring Fire Feather Yellowish Ring Mithril Coin Mithril Coin Portable Aether Refiner Disposable Aether Refining Device Shoe Armor Parts Jacket Armor Parts Leggings Armor Parts Pauldrons Armor Parts Glove Armor Parts Shoe Armor Parts Krall Molar Mist Mane Mau Hair Gold Medal Silver Medal Balaur Heart Hot Balaur Heart Balaur Black Magic Crystal Blue Balaur Blood Balaur Rainbow Scale Angel's Eye Demon's Eye Divine Lamp Divine Incense Burner Daevanion's Light Daeva's Lamp Daeva's Incense Burner Daevanion's Bright Light Daevanion Quest Item Golden Lepharist Insignia Lepharist Written Oath Blue Balaur Scale Balaur Medal Rift Essence Major Ancient Crown Greater Ancient Crown Ancient Crown Lesser Ancient Crown Major Ancient Goblet Greater Ancient Goblet Ancient Goblet Lesser Ancient Goblet Major Ancient Seal Greater Ancient Seal Ancient Seal Lesser Ancient Seal Major Ancient Icon Greater Ancient Icon Ancient Icon Lesser Ancient Icon Light Blade Fragment Darkness Blade Fragment Abyss Blade Fragment Rebirth Blade Fragment Destruction Blade Fragment Cold Hilt Fragment Hot Hilt Fragment Noble Ornament Fragment Ereshkigal Fragment (Eye of Reshanta) Heart of Magic Hot Heart of Magic Sanctum Decoration Pandaemonium Decoration Oath Stone Glossy Oath Stone Holy Item Divine Oath Stone Pure Holy Water Glowing Holy Water Holy Item Mysterious Holy Water Blue Aether Powder Red Aether Powder Yellow Aether Powder Glossy Aether Paper Glowing Aether Paper Brilliant Aether Paper Jewelled Token Nox Ingot Platinum Medal Burning Balaur Heart Decree of Valor Vorpal Essence Progress Token Radiant Token Fortuneers Token Ward Token Crusader Token Daemon Token Blessed Aurium Ingot Special Shulack Refiner Special Fertilizer Old Weathered Seal