Scorching Heat Aether Refining Toolbox Document Reagent Orichalcum Token Circle Token Organic Flour Pet Vitamin A Pet Vitamin B1 Pet Vitamin B2 Pet Vitamin C Pet Vitamin E Groggie Groggie Worthiness Ticket Worthiness Ticket Supercharged Drana Ascension Energy Laskis' Files Lohaban's Treasure Crucible Insignia Crucible Insignia Wright's Token Shaper's Token Worthiness Ticket Arena Ticket Arena of Discipline Ticket Courage Insignia Plant Fossil Fragment Insect Fossil Fragment Animal Fossil Fragment Arena of Chaos Ticket [Level 2] Arena of Discipline Ticket [Level 2] Kahrun's Symbol Tiamat Legion Epaulet Information Officer's Seal Guestpetal Mithril Medal [Event] White Ribbon [Event] Smooth Petal [Event] Comet Powder [Event] Dried Sweet Dado [Event] Silver Lump Upsorceller Magical Aether Crystal Fusion Fragment Gilded Marble Trust Marble Paruam's Iris Guestbloom Fertilizer Sign of Faith Sign of Strong Faith Sign of Earnest Faith Mysterious Stigma Rookie Mark Opportunity Token Hearthbloom Fertilizer [Event] Lovers' Stone [Event] Pink Petal [Event] Pumpkin Cookie [Event] Fluffy Snow Crystal [Event] Millenium Token [Event] Morning Dew [Event] Fortune Card Balaur Serum [Event] Mottled Egg [Event] Potent Rations [Event] Solorius Coin 2012 Anniversary Coin [Event] Perseverance Scroll [Event] Coalesced Empyrean Lord Fragment Snow Crystal Ghost Marble Sign of Devoted Faith Arena of Harmony Ticket Arena of Glory Ticket Special Courier Pass [Event] Patron's Mark [Event] Aether Flame [Event] Empyrean Lord Crystal [Event] Dried Barley [Event] Reklov's Ticket [Event] Nitram's Ticket [Event] Eimaj's Ticket Shugo Coin [Event] Minor Instance Card [Event] Lesser Instance Card [Event] Greater Instance Card [Event] Major Instance Card Legion Coin Balaur Medal Protectorate Coin Tiamat's Bloody Tears Tiamat's Protocol Sword Tiamat's Protocol Dagger Tiamat's Protocol Mace Tiamat's Protocol Orb Tiamat's Protocol Spellbook Tiamat's Protocol Greatsword Tiamat's Protocol Polearm Tiamat's Protocol Staff Tiamat's Protocol Bow Tiamat's Protocol Shield Protectorate's Jacket Protectorate's Pants Protectorate's Pauldrons Protectorate's Gloves Protectorate's Shoes Seal Breaking Magic Cannonball Ascension Mark Veteran Mark Ascension Crystal Veteran Crystal Honorable Mithril Medal Ascension Mark (7 days) Ascension Mark (15 days) Ascension Mark (30 days) Veteran Mark (7 days) Veteran Mark (15 days) Veteran Mark (30 days) Cash Coin (for testing) Ceramium Coin Ceramium Coin Silverine Token Merrymaker's Token Divine Balaur Heart Blood Mark Ancient Coin Conqueror's Mark Sillus Crest Silona Crest Pradeth Crest Ceramium Medal Fragmented Ceramium Noble Balaur Serum Joyful Wing Coupon Magic Cannonball Major Danuar Relic Greater Danuar Relic Danuar Relic Lesser Danuar Relic Lenatinerk's Favor Noble Balaur Serum [Event] PC Cafe Coin Seal Breaking Magic Cannonball Seal Breaking Magic Cannonball Modor's Journal Hyperion's Parts Kamar Siege Cannonball Danuar Reliquary Waykey