Greater Armor Crystal Greater Accessory Crystal Greater Weapon Shard Greater Armor Shard Greater Accessory Shard Idium Morph Accelerant Idium Morph Booster Magic Morph Accelerant Magic Morph Booster Forest Denku's Chest Token Forest Denku's Leg Token Forest Denku's Foot Token Forest Denku's Hand Token Forest Denku's Shoulder Token Forest Denku's Head Token Sandwash Tomul's Chest Token Sandwash Tomul's Leg Token Sandwash Tomul's Foot Token Sandwash Tomul's Hand Token Sandwash Tomul's Shoulder Token Sandwash Tomul's Head Token Pure Lunatic Modor's Sword Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Warhammer Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Greatsword Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Shield Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Dagger Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Polearm Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Bow Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Mace Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Staff Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Cane Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Scale Shield Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Orb Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Spellbook Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Pistol Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Aethercannon Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Harp Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Cipher-Blade Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Chest Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Leg Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Hand Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Foot Crux Pure Lunatic Modor's Shoulder Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Sword Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Greatsword Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Shield Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Dagger Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Polearm Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Bow Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Pistol Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Aethercannon Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Mace Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Staff Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Cipher-Blade Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Orb Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Spellbook Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Harp Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Chest Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Leg Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Hand Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Foot Crux Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Shoulder Crux Pallasite Ore Pallasite Crystal Pallasite Powder Pallasite Refined Water Danuar Reliquary Physical Laurel Danuar Reliquary Magical Laurel Danuar Reliquary Chest Laurel Danuar Reliquary Leg Laurel Danuar Reliquary Hand Laurel Danuar Reliquary Shoulder Laurel Danuar Reliquary Foot Laurel Illuminary Obelisk Physical Laurel Illuminary Obelisk Magical Laurel Illuminary Obelisk Chest Laurel Illuminary Obelisk Leg Laurel Illuminary Obelisk Hand Laurel Illuminary Obelisk Shoulder Laurel Illuminary Obelisk Foot Laurel Infinity Shard Physical Laurel Infinity Shard Magical Laurel Infinity Shard Chest Laurel Infinity Shard Leg Laurel Infinity Shard Hand Laurel Infinity Shard Shoulder Laurel Infinity Shard Foot Laurel Crushed Blood Mark Crushed Courage Insignia Crushed Vicious Mark Crushed Divine Ossein Crushed Divine Bloodstone Equerry's Laurel Equerry's Physical Laurel Equerry's Magical Laurel Equerry's Chest Laurel Equerry's Leg Laurel Equerry's Hand Laurel Equerry's Shoulder Laurel Equerry's Foot Laurel Purified Essence Honorable Officer's Laurel Honorable General's Laurel Honorable Officer's Weapon Laurel Honorable Officer's Chest Laurel Honorable Officer's Leg Laurel Honorable Officer's Hand Laurel Honorable Officer's Shoulder Laurel Honorable Officer's Foot Laurel Honorable General's Weapon Laurel Honorable General's Chest Laurel Honorable General's Leg Laurel Honorable General's Hand Laurel Honorable General's Shoulder Laurel Honorable General's Foot Laurel Upgraded Distorted Sword of the Fierce Battle Prototype Upgraded Distorted Mace of the Fierce Battle Prototype Upgraded Distorted Dagger of the Fierce Battle Prototype Upgraded Distorted Greatsword of the Fierce Battle Prototype Upgraded Distorted Polearm of the Fierce Battle Prototype Upgraded Distorted Staff of the Fierce Battle Prototype Ancient Spirit's Ore Aither Glass Bottle Bright Magic Diogenite Cold Magic Diogenite Tough Magic Diogenite Burning Magic Diogenite Radiant Magic Diogenite Bright Diogenite Cold Diogenite Tough Diogenite Burning Diogenite Radiant Diogenite Fiori Repus Foot Stea Powder Orinis Feather Luck Red Apellande Kreuz Kaninchen Foot Stern Powder Blauer Feather Luck Red Apellande Inert Amplification Tool Inert Amplification Tool Ancient Crafting Stone Chronos Stone Eternity Stone Spirit Stone of Eternity