Greater Aqua Griffo Bundle Major Aqua Griffo Bundle Lesser Mean Poroco Gift Mean Poroco Gift Greater Mean Poroco Gift Lesser Headstrong Poroco Gift Headstrong Poroco Gift Greater Headstrong Poroco Gift Lesser Teasing Jefi Gift Teasing Jefi Gift Greater Teasing Jefi Gift Lesser Golden Drakie Gift Golden Drakie Gift Greater Golden Drakie Gift Lesser Sunset Drakie Gift Sunset Drakie Gift Greater Sunset Drakie Gift Lesser Pink Griffo Gift Pink Griffo Gift Greater Pink Griffo Gift Lesser Aqua Griffo Gift Aqua Griffo Gift Greater Aqua Griffo Gift Gorgos' Loot Nerita's Loot [Event] Brave One's Pouch Ultimate Fan Set Passionate Fan Set Lesser Spurred Crestlich Gift Spurred Crestlich Gift Greater Spurred Crestlich Gift Lesser Pointytail Acarun Gift Pointytail Acarun Gift Greater Pointytail Acarun Gift Lesser Golden Radama Gift Golden Radama Gift Greater Golden Radama Gift Minor Spurred Crestlich Bundle Lesser Spurred Crestlich Bundle Spurred Crestlich Bundle Greater Spurred Crestlich Bundle Major Spurred Crestlich Bundle Minor Pointytail Acarun Bundle Lesser Pointytail Acarun Bundle Pointytail Acarun Bundle Greater Pointytail Acarun Bundle Major Pointytail Acarun Bundle Minor Golden Radama Bundle Lesser Golden Radama Bundle Golden Radama Bundle Greater Golden Radama Bundle Major Golden Radama Bundle Lesser Hungry Porgus Gift Hungry Porgus Gift Minor Hungry Porgus Bundle Lesser Hungry Porgus Bundle Hungry Porgus Bundle Greater Hungry Porgus Bundle Major Hungry Porgus Bundle Minor Pudgy Porgus Bundle Lesser Pudgy Porgus Bundle Pudgy Porgus Bundle Greater Pudgy Porgus Bundle Major Pudgy Porgus Bundle [Event] Cold Box [Event] Frozen Box [Event] Cold Box [Event] Frozen Box Scorching Heat Pouch Noble Scorching Heat Pouch Archive Document Box Report Box Command Box Shugo Enchantment Stone Pouch Acute Shugo Set Jumpy Shugo Set Daeva's Icebox [Event] Pumpkin King's Present Box [Event] Surprise Box [Event] Pumpkin Pouch [Event] Hat Box [Event] Gift Bundle [Event] Token of Gratitude Candy Box for Summer-Loving Inquin Summer-Loving Inquin Candy Box Cute Swimsuit Box Cool Swimsuit Box Hot Swimsuit Box Daeva's Icebox Set [Event] New Year Lunch Box Sunny Gift Toasty Gift [Event] Blessed Present [Event] Lucky Present PC Tropical Gift Infinite Dye Bottle Infinite Manastone Box Academy Beginner Supplies Academy Lesser Supplies Academy Supplies Common Orichalcum Key Supplies Fine Orichalcum Key Supplies Priory Beginner Supplies Priory Lesser Supplies Priory Supplies The Circle Common Supplies The Circle Fine Supplies [Event] Charm Card [Event] Pink Prize [Event] Blue Prize [Event] Red Prize [Event] Haramel Treasure Chest [Event] Nochsana Camp Treasure Chest [Event] Fire Temple Treasure Chest [Event] Steel Rake Treasure Chest [Event] Dark Poeta Treasure Chest Box of Dark Chocolates Box of White Chocolates Candy Basket of Luck Candy Basket of Love Gift Filled with Sincerity Gift Filled with Heart Termed Infinite Disassemble Test Item Infinite Dye Bottle (15 days) Porgus Costume Set Ribbit Costume Set Termed Limited Use Disassemble Test Item For QA: Infinite Dye Bottle [Event] Elemental Stone Pouch [Event] Jewel Pouch [Event] Balaur Pouch [Event] Autumn Harvest Package [Event] Full Moon Package [Event] Hanbok Package Antique Enchantment Stone Box Antique Enchantment Stone Box Bundle Unknown Bundle Box of Form Candy - Elyos Box of Form Candy - Asmodian Lodas Amulet II (Bundle of 3) Lodas Amulet II (Bundle of 5) Box of Balaur Materials I Box of Balaur Materials II Box of Balaur Materials III Box of Fluxes I Box of Fluxes II Box of Fluxes III Box of Fluxes IV Enchantment Stone/Manastone Box I