Contaminated Tipolid Leather Bloody Tipolid Leather Sharp Karnif Claw Cursed Karnif Claw Huge Kirrin Claw Contaminated Kirrin Claw Contaminated Slink Bone Noble Slink Bone Contaminated Lich Bone Noble Lich Bone Hazy Lobnite Leg Ancient Lobnite Leg Cursed Spiner Bone Contaminated Spiner Bone Sharp Pluma Claw Cursed Pluma Claw Contaminated Gealm Fragment Perfect Gealm Fragment Contaminated Mamut Leather Fine Mamut Leather Cursed Manduri Bone Contaminated Manduri Bone Sharp Manduri Tooth Bloody Manduri Tooth Fine Bellepig Leather Noble Bellepig Leather Strong Snuffler Bone Cursed Snuffler Bone Hazy Wriggot Fluid Pure Wriggot Fluid Jeweled Box Fragment Treasure Box Fragment Cursed Caltrops Fluid Pure Caltrops Fluid White Mosbear Leather Contaminated Mosbear Leather Fine Mosbear Leather Cursed Mosbear Leather Polluted Mudthorn Thorn Noble Mudthorn Thorn Sylphen's Jewel Wing Sylphen's Aether Wing Bloody Klaw Leg Contaminated Klaw Leg Beautiful Klaw Shell Huge Klaw Shell Bloody Arachna Leg Cursed Arachna Leg Contaminated Tiny Arachna Leg Bloody Tiny Arachna Leg Beautiful Crasaur Scale Perfect Crasaur Scale Contaminated Potcrab Leg Cursed Potcrab Leg Sharp Pretor Claw Huge Pretor Claw Contaminated Malodor Root Fertile Malodor Root Fine Rynoce Leather Contaminated Rynoce Leather Hazy Chakranta Fragment Ensouled Chakranta Fragment Cursed Rotron Thorn Noble Rotron Thorn Crumbly Ginseng Root Fallow Ginseng Root Contaminated Mugolem Fragment Ensouled Mugolem Fragment Contaminated Scolopen Leg Cursed Scolopen Leg Hazy Obscura Fragment Noble Obscura Fragment Contaminated Lump of Flesh Bloody Lump of Flesh Fine Kselliki Leather Beautiful Kselliki Leather Contaminated Sheluk Fluid Pure Sheluk Fluid Contaminated Anubite Armor Drana Anubite Armor Cursed Slime Fluid Hazy Slime Fluid Jeweled Kalgolem Fragment Noble Kalgolem Fragment Mutated Sparkle Leg Sparkle Leg of Another World Beautiful Sparkie Carapace Mutated Sparkie Carapace Contaminated Specter Rags Cursed Specter Rags Fine Sprigg Leather Beautiful Sprigg Leather Contaminated Spriggan Pelt Cursed Spriggan Pelt Fine Spriggle Leather Beautiful Spriggle Leather Contaminated Arch Spriggle Pelt Cursed Arch Spriggle Pelt Mutated Starcrab Leg Contaminated Starcrab Leg Huge Shell Jeweled Shell Bloody Temptress Tail Cursed Temptress Tail Sharp Tigric Claw Mutated Tigric Claw Cursed Kentari Claw Huge Kentari Claw White Tog Leather Fine Tog Leather Contaminated Trico Bone Noble Trico Bone Bloody Tricorn Leather Beautiful Tricorn Leather Mutated Troll Bone Cursed Troll Bone Bloody Trollkin Bone Contaminated Trollkin Bone Contaminated Asmodian Fragment Perfect Asmodian Fragment Cursed Undead Rags Contaminated Undead Rags Contaminated Soul Fragment Perfect Soul Fragment Bloody Porgus Meat Contaminated Porgus Meat Beautiful Vampire Cloak Cursed Vampire Cloak Contaminated Windwisp Claw Mutated Windwisp Claw Beautiful Monitor Scale Perfect Monitor Scale Contaminated Vespine Shell Mutated Vespine Shell Sharp Fangwing Tooth Bloody Fangwing Tooth Hazy Ampha Fluid Pure Ampha Fluid Pure Worm Fluid Contaminated Worm Fluid Cursed Gnarl Thorn Contaminated Gnarl Thorn Mutated Worg Claw Sharp Worg Claw Cursed Zombie Bone Contaminated Zombie Bone Hazy Liquid Crystal Beautiful Liquid Crystal Contaminated Rayal Soul