[Event] Upgraded Distorted Fierce Battle Weapon Prototype [Event] Brilliant Pallasite Material Box [Event] Vasharti Brigade General's Weapon Box [Event] Vasharti Brigade General's Armor Box [Event] Beritra's Equipment Box [Event] The Empyrean Lord's Shining Enchantment Stone Box [Event] Blood Medal Bundle [Event] Beritra's Phantom Wing Pack Lesser Growth Seed Bundle Growth Seed Bundle Greater Growth Seed Bundle Greater Dorgel Composite Manastone Bundle [Event] Lukewarm Egg [Event] Warm Egg [Event] Heated Egg [Event] Incubated Egg [Event] Hatching Egg [Event] Living Warmth Daeva's Fruit Sack Tempest Fruit Punch Daeva's Fruit Sack Tempest Fruit Punch [Event] Modor's Mythic Armor Box [Event] Eternal Trial Accessory Box [Event] Forest Popoku's Armor Box Highest Grade Ancient Manastone Bundle [Event] Ancient Coin Bundle [Event] Weapon Box of the Centurion [Event] Armor Box of the Centurion Master Veteran's Weapon Box Remodeled Danuar Armor Box [Event] Lannok's Fabled Weapon Box Tonirunerk's Capsule Tonirunerk's Toy Robot Tonirunerk's Parts Box Tonirunerk's General Present Box Tonirunerk's Really Good Present Box Modor's Mythic Accessory Box Dynatoum's Brazen Accessory Box Pallasite Ingredient Box Lucky Platinum Box Piece Lucky Magic Box Divine Belt Box Divine Necklace Box Divine Accessory Box Divine Ring Box Special Divine Helm Box [Event] Wise Strengthened Robber Rabbit Transformation Candy Box Bundle of Honor and Conquest Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) Large Greater Supplements Bag (Eternal) Elegant High Grade Idian Bundle Andu's Dye Box Petra Contribution Decorations Chest Relic Bundle Box of Balaur Materials I Box of Balaur Materials II Stigma Bundle Ancient Coin Bundle [Event] Lunatic Modor's Mythic Armor Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Mythic Weapon Box [Event] Fennec Fox Transformation Candy Box [Event] Fennec Fox Daily Transformation Candy Box [Event] Birdbrain Box [Event] Refilling Jug of Liquid Experience (21-day) [Event] Helpful Welcome Bundle [Event] Helpful Support Bundle [Event] Helpful Manastone Box [Event] Helpful Ancient Manastone Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Templar Armor Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Gladiator Armor Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Leather Armor Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Cloth Armor Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Cleric Armor Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Chanter Armor Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Gunslinger Armor Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Songweaver Armor Box [Event] Lunatic Modor's Aethertech Armor Box [Event] Level 65 Celebratory Box (30-day) [Event] Lunatic Modor's Mythic Weapon Box (21 days) Ice Cold Capsule Ice Apple Capsule Level 70 Composite Manastone Bundle Contains a Ruddytail Heorn. Ruddytail Heorn Box (90 days) Rudra's Egg Box (30 days) Sea Feast Weapon Box Exalted Katalium Weapon Box Hyperion Wings Box Lucky Stigma Bundle Strong Ayas Transformation Candy Box Alliance Lunahare Kisk Box (20) Gladiator Elite Stigma Bundle Templar Elite Stigma Bundle Assassin Elite Stigma Bundle Ranger Elite Stigma Bundle Sorcerer Elite Stigma Bundle Spiritmaster Elite Stigma Bundle Cleric Elite Stigma Bundle Chanter Elite Stigma Bundle Gunslinger Elite Stigma Bundle Aethertech Elite Stigma Bundle Songweaver Elite Stigma Bundle Noble Illusion Godstone Box Ice Capsule Special Consumables Box Boss' Secret Box Dragon Engraved Box Brilliant Water Dragon King's Weapon Box Daring Nether Water Dragon's Weapon Box Brilliant Fire Dragon King's Weapon Box Daring Nether Fire Dragon's Weapon Box Hidden Combat Fortress’s Bright Composite Manastone Box Hidden Combat Fortress’s Composite Manastone Box Hidden Combat Fortress’s Ancient Manastone Bundle Hidden Combat Fortress’s Supply Box Hidden Combat Fortress’s Relic Box Hidden Combat Fortress’s Consumables Box Stigma Sack Aether Cherry Bundle Daru Thief Transformation Candy Box Illusion Godstone Bundle [Event] Fabled Godstone Bundle [Event] Level 60 Composite Manastone Bundle Dazzling Daevanion Box [Event] Tahabata Weapon Box Stormwing's Eternal Weapon Chest [Event] Stormwing's Eternal Armor Chest [Event] Stormwing's Box Rookie Manastone Box [Event] Level 70 Composite Manastone Bundle Shining Costume Box New Godstone Bundle Shining Bizarre Box Arena Ticket Box Bullhorn Box in Lime Bullhorn Box in Mint All-race Bullhorn Box in Lemon All-race Bullhorn Box in Pink Large Revival Stone Box Physical Critical Hit Increase Scroll Bundle Magical Critical Hit Increase Scroll Bundle Small Gold Ingot Box Big Gold Ingot Box Brilliant Fire Dragon King's Weapon Box [Event] Conqueror's Mirage Accessory Box Key Box for Cube Expansion [Event] Noble Daevanion Weapon Box [Event] Noble Daevanion Armor Box