Corroded Essence of Spirit Corroded Ancient Manastone Fragment Corroded Rare Species' Membrane Deformed Rare Insect's Outer Skin Deformed Beast's Claw Deformed Rare Ore Deformed Idium Crystal Deformed Ancient Elim's Sap Deformed Rune Accessory Piece Deformed Fragment of Spirit Deformed Ancient Manastone Piece Deformed Rare Species' Scale Deformed Rare Insect's Leg Deformed Beast's Bone Deformed Precious Metal Powder Deformed Transparent Crystal Deformed Ancient Elim's Essence Deformed Rune Relic Piece Deformed Essence of Spirit Deformed Ancient Manastone Fragment Deformed Rare Species' Membrane Rotten Rare Insect's Outer Skin Rotten Beast's Claw Rotten Rare Ore Rotten Idium Crystal Rotten Ancient Elim's Sap Rotten Rune Accessory Piece Rotten Fragment of Spirit Rotten Ancient Manastone Piece Rotten Rare Species' Scale Rotten Rare Insect's Leg Rotten Beast's Bone Rotten Precious Metal Powder Rotten Transparent Crystal Rotten Ancient Elim's Essence Rotten Rune Accessory Fragment Rotten Essence of Spirit Rotten Ancient Manastone Fragment Rotten Rare Species' Membrane Dusty Rare Insect's Outer Skin Dusty Beast's Claw Dusty Rare Ore Dusty Idium Crystal Dusty Ancient Elim's Sap Dusty Rune Accessory Piece Dusty Fragment of Spirit Dusty Ancient Manastone Piece Dusty Rare Species' Scale Dusty Rare Insect's Leg Dusty Beast's Bone Dusty Precious Metal Powder Dusty Transparent Crystal Dusty Ancient Elim's Essence Dusty Rune Relic Piece Dusty Essence of Spirit Dusty Ancient Manastone Fragment Dusty Rare Species' Membrane Faded Rare Insect's Outer Skin Faded Beast's Claw Faded Rare Ore Faded Idium Crystal Faded Ancient Elim's Sap Faded Rune Accessory Piece Faded Fragment of Spirit Faded Ancient Manastone Piece Faded Rare Species' Scale Faded Rare Insect's Leg Faded Beast's Bone Faded Precious Metal Powder Faded Transparent Crystal Faded Ancient Elim's Essence Faded Rune Relic Piece Faded Essence of Spirit Faded Ancient Manastone Fragment Faded Rare Species' Membrane [Event] Mark of Missed Opportunity Rusty Earrings Broken Necklace Rusty Earrings Broken Necklace [Event] Broken Matryoshka Robot Energy Bonus Card [Event] Precious Survey Ancient Broken Armor Broken Ancient Jewelry Lesser Ancient Crest Greater Ancient Crest [Event] Special Document [Event] Special Document Bright Aether Aether Cherry [Event] Stolen Gifts Firecracker of Blessing Red Sand Kinah Pouch Mark of the Bunny Suspicious Package Suspicious Package Red Leather Mark Secret Revival Remedy Necklace of Trust Kudansha's Heart Containment Charm Harrowing Containment Charm Sealed Sachet Large Sealed Sachet Legion Contribution Mark Golmir's Request Candy Blast +8 Accessory Ascension Ticket Ripe Pumpkin Candy Bomb Illite Ore Melting Stone Faded Membrane Faded Scale Faded Crystal Faded Vitality Faded Stone Piece Faded Elemental Stone Fragment Dewlight Membrane Dewlight Scale Dewlight Crystal Dewlight Vitality Dewlight Stone Piece Dewlight Elemental Stone Fragment Jade Membrane Jade Scale Jade Crystal Jade Vitality Jade Stone Piece Jade Elemental Stone Fragment Aquamarine Membrane Aquamarine Scale Aquamarine Crystal Aquamarine Vitality Aquamarine Stone Piece Aquamarine Elemental Stone Fragment Golden Membrane Golden Scale Golden Crystal Golden Vitality Golden Stone Piece Golden Elemental Stone Fragment Sunset Membrane Sunset Scale Sunset Crystal Sunset Vitality Sunset Stone Piece