Power: Flurry I Power: Word of Quickness I Power: Homing Spell I Power: Homing Spell II Power: Quickening I Power: Eagle Eye I Power: Eagle Eye II Power: Erase Magic I Power: Erase Magic II Power: Power Recovery I Power: Shatter Resistances I Power: Rebirth I Power: Rebirth II Power: Rebirth III Power: Magic Smash I Power: Pressure Blast I Power: Restore I Power: Siphoning Torrent I Power: Siphoning Torrent II Power: Leeching Thrust I Power: Leeching Thrust II Power: Concentration I Power: Steadfast I Power: Steadfast II Power: Steadfast III Power: Stalwart I Power: Shock Resistance I Power: Cleansing Breath I Power: Rebirth I Power: Rebirth II Power: Protective Shield I Power: Protective Shield II Power: Protective Shield III Power: Arcane Thunderbolt I Power: Arcane Thunderbolt II Power: Punishment I Power: Punishment II Blessing: Spell Accuracy I Blessing: Spell Accuracy II Blessing: Honed Aim I Blessing: Honed Aim II Blessing: Impair I Blessing: Impair II Blessing: Impair III Blessing: Impair IV Blessing: Weakening I Blessing: Weakening II Blessing: Weakening III Blessing: Weakening IV Blessing: Slacken Muscles I Blessing: Slacken Muscles II Blessing: Slacken Muscles III Blessing: Boost Magical Attack I Blessing: Heavy Strikes I Blessing: Bleeding I Blessing: Poison Slash I Blessing: Poison Slash I Blessing: Trauma I Blessing: Trauma II Blessing: Trauma III Patronage: Boost Magical Attack I Patronage: Boost Magical Attack II Patronage: Boost Magical Attack III Protection: Bolstered Attack I Protection: Bolstered Attack II Protection: Bolstered Attack III Protection: Redirect Power I Protection: Redirect Power II Protection: Reprisal I Protection: Reprisal II Protection: Feedback I Protection: Stasis Shield I Protection: Stasis Shield II Protection: Stasis Shield III Protection: Tethers I Protection: Tethers II Protection: Restore I Protection: Screech Barrier I Protection: Screech Barrier II Protection: Recoil I Protection: Recoil II Grace: True Spell I Grace: True Spell II Grace: True Steel I Grace: True Steel II Grace: Boost Magical Attack I Grace: Muscle Burst I Grace: Robust Aether I Grace: Robust Aether II Grace: Robust Aether III Grace: Armorbane I Grace: Armorbane II Grace: Armorbane III Grace: Regenerative I Grace: Regenerative II Grace: Regenerative III Grace: Restorative I Grace: Stamina Boost I Grace: Stamina Boost II Grace: Stamina Boost III Grace: Stamina Boost IV Grace: Concentration I Grace: Concentration II Blessing: Successful Attack I Blessing: Successful Attack II Blessing: Successful Attack III Blessing: Successful Attack IV Grace: Armored Stance I Grace: Armored Stance II Grace: Armored Stance III Grace: Armored Stance IV Grace: Crit Resist Boost I Grace: Crit Resist Boost II Grace: Defensive I Grace: Defensive II Grace: Defensive III Grace: PvP Defensive I Protection: Evasive I Protection: Altered State Resist I Protection: Altered State Resist II Protection: Shock Resist I Protection: Shock Resist II Protection: Shock Resist III Protection: Shock Resist IV Protection: Fleet of Foot I Protection: Fleet of Foot II Protection: Fleet of Foot III Protection: Lag Attack I Protection: Lag Attack II Protection: Lag Attack III Protection: Lag Attack IV Protection: Safeguard I Protection: Strike Reflect I Protection: Strike Reflect II Protection: Hamper I Protection: Hamper II Protection: Hamper III Protection: PvP Attack Boost I Protection: Weaken PvP Attack I Protection: Weaken PvP Attack II Protection: Weaken PvP Attack III Protection: Boost PvP Defense I Protection: Boost PvP Defense II Protection: Weaken PvP Defense I Protection: Weaken PvP Defense II Protection: Weaken PvP Defense III Protection: Weaken PvP Defense IV Blessing: Spell Accuracy I Blessing: Spell Accuracy II