Shock Wound Poison Poison Fluid Poison Gas Poison Thorn Attack Redirect Attack Aggravate Mortal Wound Blindside Attack Disease Fatal Disease Explosion Wide Pierce Magical Blow Eerie Orb Recovery Blindness Healing Energy Cure Smash Stun Wave Bellicosity Magic Missile Ice Harpoon Earth Spear Mud Throw Flame Glacier Fire Burst Water Cyclone Earth Upheaval Protective Shield Absolute Zero Enervation Mud Throw Flame Wind Dispel Blessing Curse Protect Spirit Support Spirit Spirit Recovery Fire Strike Water Strike Wind Strike Flame Attack Sleep Attack Wind Blood Strike Earth Axis Strike Cursed Blood-sucking Fire Strike Consume Flesh Consume Flesh Antidote Escape Strike Boost Fighting Spirit Temporarily Iron-Clad Power Attack Knockback Stun Crippling Wave Wide Crippling Wave Powerful Knockdown Aggressor Defender Piercing Strike Smash Sweeping Fearful Presence Boost Active Defense Recovery Blindside Attack Stun Command Spirit Recovery Wound Poison Fluid Redirect Attack Explosion Wide Pierce Magical Blow Eerie Orb Leg Root Recovery Stun Wave Blindness Protective Shield Cure Smash Bellicosity Magical Blow Magic Missile Mud Throw Flame Cyclone Fire Burst Protective Shield Cyclone Push Off Enervation Transformation Antidote Escape Strike Stun Throw Long Range Snare Strike Stun Throw Long Range Snare Loud Shout Powerful Shot Ranged Long-distance Power Attack Sword Force Fire Blast Wind Blast Aerial Thrust Wide Smash Sacrifice Weaken Defense Attack Devotion Health Supplement Wide Thrust Sword Power Wide Power Attack Guilty Verdict Strong Contrary Wind Air Pollution Hide Shape Virulence Fire Hidden Missile Applying Poison at the Back Ranged Allergy Blessing of Recovery Ranged Cold Barrier Stun Wave Quick Recovery Enhance Fighting Spirit Repeated Strike Stun Attack Powerful Knockdown Strong Body Force Out Mystic Shell Aftershock Strong Contrary Wind Flame Attack Frostbite