Insanity Eruption Insanity Eruption Insanity Eruption Gas Poison Lunacy Deadly Chain Flame Chain Deadly Chain Blessing of Stone Weaken Defense Powerful Attack Powerful Attack Pulverizing Assault Wrath Explosion Shivering Echo Crippling Cut Gouge Flesh Eat Explosion Mortal Fire High Priest's Energy Mind Division Paralysis Wave Strong Contrary Wind Spider Poison Bellicosity Time to eat, children Bellicosity Looks delicious. Something is hatching... Absorb Vitality Self-Protection Storm Magic Missile Water Strike Water Strike Iron-Clad Poison Dart Crash Crash Crash Shock Poison Arrow Strike Artifact Trap Explosion Repeated Arrow Strike Artifact Trap Range: Heal Fire Throw Shutdown Pattern Explosion Forward Bombing OFF Long-Range Thorn Attack Long Range Snare Power Shot Crash Crash Absolute Zero Strong Magical Blow Strong Magical Blow Flame Powerful Attack Powerful Damage Reflection Foaming at the Mouth Face Smash Peck Face Shock Wave Ranged Successive Smash Aggravate Mortal Wound Flame Spurt Fireball Sharp Scream Fire Sparkle Petrification Cold Attack Inner Castle Gate Fortification V Disable Protection Frigid Storm Frigid Storm Stunning Poison Sting Glacial Freeze Hide in Hardened Shell Anger Freeze Leg Hardening Lava Mind Division Possession Mushroom Spawn Infection Flame Allergy Herbal Acupuncture Needle Petrification Impact Strikes Repeat Impact Strikes Shock Arms and Legs Hide Self Attack Devotion Strong Thrust Very Strong Thrust Flame Wave Change into Balaur Molt Explosion Field of Lightning Stomper's Severe Blow Stomper's Provoke Stomper's Arrest Stomper's Blessing Stomper's Absolute Defense Shine's Strike Shine's Power Attack Shine's Cyclone Shine's Restraint Shine's Rage Iris' Explosion Iris' Falling Thunderbolt Iris' Fire Iris' Freezing Ranged – Continuous Explosion Skill Trap Explosion Skill Trap Blind Skill Trap Blind Skill Thorny Vine Effect Snare Trap Riding a Wagon Wicker Camouflage Strong Strike Destroy Castle Gate Piercing Song Dancing Chill Ice Claw Blessing Mist Shade Blessing Snare Crippling Cut Wide Power Attack Power Attack Shock Stun Large Magic Missile Cold Wind Cold Attack Skill Decrease Explosion Instant Shock Crippling Wave Honey, save me. I feel energy inside me. Nerve Freeze