Worker's Sincerity Engineer's Pride Blessing of Stone Hide Shape Hide Shape Powerful Shot Large Magic Missile Boost Deadly Virulency Gas Poison Pretor M-Type1 Blinding Energy FPATK_Instant Test Power Shard Destruction Mist Shaping Petrification Explosion Big Bang Thorn Root Rage Power Attack Bite Exploding Anger Chained Emission Powerful Chained Emission Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Ground Electric Wave Boost Physical Defense I Temporarily Iron-Clad Rapid Wild Shot Rapid Repeating Wild Shot Stun Attack Swell Wound Pierce Chain Skill Rapid Pierce Chain Skill Deadly Poison Mortal Blow Contrary Wind Aerial Invasion Smoldering Vengeance Earth Upheaval Strong Strike Up Petrification Field Break Stone Statue Wide Swift Attack Strong Cry Wide Successive Strike Ranged Triple Strikes Area Aggravate Wound Powerful Will Blessing of Stone Protect Body Last Struggle Nightmare Miserable Struggle Downward Stab Cleave Cleave Force Cleave Force Cleave Crippling Cut Consume Flesh Pull Force Cleave Wide Area Aerial Lockdown Crashing Blow Commander's Wrath 1 Commander's Wrath 2 Commander's Wrath 3 Commander's Wrath 4 Ferocious Strike Cleave Armor Wide Area Thrust Wide Area Cleave Armor Death Strike Ferocious Strike II Wide Area Ferocious Strike Wide Thrust Decrease Attack Wide Area Wrathful Strike Crippling Cut Cleave Armor Wide Area Cleave Armor Anti-Air Blindness Burn Wings Anti-Air Ice Spear Wing Petrification Aerial Draw Anti-Air Sound Wave Powerful Wind Flight Swift Shot Wing Paralysis Poison Fire Burst Strong Push Off Mortal Fire Flying Object Petrification Bull's Eye Arrow Strike Entangling Shot Entangling Shot Arrow Deluge Arrow Storm Wedge Arrow Stunning Shot Throw Trap Flame Bolt Winter Binding Erosion Root Root Wide Area Curse of Roots Hydro Eruption Curse of Roots Fire Burst Ice Sheet Stunning Hand Wide Area Stun Shooting Star Storm Tranquilizing Cloud Hallowed Strike Hallowed Strike Blinding Light Wide Area Blinding Light Healing Light Radiant Cure I Light of Recovery Healing Wind I Healing Wind II Healing Wind III Root Divine Touch Wide Area Stun Wide Area Divine Touch Incandescent Blow Pentacle Shock Summon Holy Servant Wide Area Explosion Thunderbolt Healing Light Ice Sheet Cut Wings Cut Wings Cut Wings Cut Wings Cut Wings