Mind Smash Mongrel Training Powerful Knockdown Aerial Thrust Electric Current Shock Pull Cruel Capture Shackle Shackle Thorn Snare Quick Flurry Instant Crippling Cut Wing Smash Pluck Wing Feather Tendon Destruction Quick Sword Force Wave Strong Sword Brandish Destroy Frozen Soul Long-Ranged Smash Wrathful Wave I Deprivation of Attack Will Lightburst Visual Confusion Skull Smash Divine Storm Dark Chain Absolute Zero Inhale HP Life Drain Instant Magical Attack Powerful Magical Attack Divine Shock Abnormal Air Current Bleeding Wing Brain Bind Tendon Spasm Fire Arrow Deluge Throw Knife Blow Mind Paralysis Attack Magical Capture Balaur Form Deep Belch Overeat Aion's Action Flame Chain Magical Attack Flame Shower Pet Rule 3: No wagging your tail! Wrathful Strike Anger Pet Rule 1: Pay attention to your master! Yippee! I own the world! Pet Rule 2: When master says turn, you turn! Decisive Arrow Endless Power Electric Shock Pull Wide Area Pull Knockdown Wide Area Knockdown Great Wrath Aether Bleeding Aether Root Wide Area Aether Root Throw Sulfur Sulfur Paralyze Wide Area Sulfur Paralyze Wide Area Flame Emission Wide Area Crash Shooting Star Storm Mark of Rage Stone Skin Flame Emission Wing Flapping Brain Bind Holy Wave Wide Area Wrathful Strike I Wide Area Wrathful Strike II Wide Area Wrathful Strike III Wide Area Crippling Cut I Wide Area Crippling Cut II Wide Area Crippling Cut III Blood Sucking Blood Sucking Bless of Guardian Spring Ferocious Strike I Ferocious Strike II Ferocious Strike II Cleave Armor I Cleave Armor II Wide Area Cleave Armor I Wide Area Cleave Armor II Ferocious Strike III Cleave Armor Ferocious Strike II Cleave Armor Dragon Lord Blade I Weight of Abyss Wide Area Swoon I Hallowed Strike Ranged Blindness Fire Burst Hydro Eruption Fear Shriek Frontal Strike Surprise Attack Flame Bolt Hydro Eruption Guardian Soul II Effect Explosion Bombing Invincibility Dance of the Cold Earth Dance of the Cold Earth Humming I Humming II Humming III Violent Explosion Summon Summon Caltrop I Thorntwist Trap I Trap of Infernal Blaze I Summon Prayer of Darkness I Summon Divine Crusader I Fortify Defenses Fortify Defenses Fortify Defenses Shabby Kumuki Transformation Throw Stink Bomb Throw Fear Grenade Overpowering Odor Ginseng Transformation True-Sight The Iron Fence is swinging open. Sakra's Branding Prida's Aura Invida's Aura Ilda's Aura Grida's Aura Curtain of Cold Frozen Breath Cold Smash Chilling Cold I Chilling Cold II Chilling Cold III Chilling Cold IV Chilling Cold V