Hideous Cold Frost Barrier Transfer: Hideous Cold Frozen Step Schizophrenia Freeze Soul Hideous Cold Remove Frozen Step Hailstorm Vitality Recovery I Strike of Flame Freezing Cannon Brutal Downward Blow Obstinate Lunacy Ice Spear Lunacy Explosion Remove Sakra's Branding Strike of Flame Carrying out Golmir's request Magic Sphere Strike of Flame Activate Alarm Soul Frost Prison Destroy Frost Prison Chain of Stigma Generator Barrier Remove Skill Remove Bastion of Souls Final Boss Skill Remove Soul Vitality Recovery I Explosion Vitality Recovery II Vitality Recovery III Vitality Recovery II Vitality Recovery III Recharge Turret Healing Gust Dew of Life Effect Evergale Roar Purified Soul Purified Soul Divine Touch Throw Trap Ranged Blindness Ranged Curse of Roots Disenchant Cleave Armor Rage I Ranged Ferocious Strike I Rage II Ferocious Strike II Ranged Divine Touch Ranged Hallowed Strike Fire Burst Ice Wave Divine Touch Ranged Blindness Pull Ferocious Strike II Hydro Eruption Force Cleave Wrathful Strike Ranged Crippling Cut Cleave Armor Ranged Rage II Divine Touch Water Splash Stone Dust Rookie's Will Poor Skill Powerless Strike Wrong Magic Disappointing Heal Accurate Hit Scream with Fear Accurate Shot Wonderful Magic Wonderful Mysterious Explosion Summon Holy Servant Press Strike Strike Mind Head Wound Wing Nerve Poison Seriously Contaminated Bite Bodily Differentiation Threatening Infection Lethal Infection Biomass Explosion Master's Protection Abandoned Heart Lizard-Killing Bomb Boost Energy Mental Stability Increase Stamina Meridian Massage Brandish Thrash Instinct Clear Focus Reflect Damage Spell Reflect Magic Spell Reflect Damage Spell Reflect Magic Spell Enhance Attack Spell Enhance Attack Speed Spell Enhance Defense Spell Block Recovery Spell Start of the Dream Dream Distortion Calculated Chaos Flame Circle Flame Circle Ignite Anger Chilling Fear Bullion's Claws Bullion's Claws Breathtaking Beam Harsh Contract Bullion's Claws Netherworld Eruption Stench of a Rotten Heart Rockslam Breathtaking Beam Breathtaking Beam Boost Morale Remove Alert Remove Alert Remove Alert Remove Alert Recovery Violent Snare Violent Snare Oppress Stare Temper Fragment Raging Shock Wave Remove Alert Remove Alert Immortal Immortal Ide Charge Netherworld Eruption Thunder Crash I Summoning Request Explosion Defense Shield Aether Ray Ranged Forced Crash Shock