Explosion Aether Ray Ide Frenzy Spent Ide Mortar Wide Thrust Summon Blizzard Aerial Lockdown Crippling Cut Sword Storm Returning Ice Wave I Effect Lava Wave I Effect Ground Blaze I Effect Snare Trap III Effect Poisoning Trap I Effect Poisoning Trap II Effect Poisoning Trap III Effect Trap of Clairvoyance I Effect Gas Poison Strengthen Armor Thrash Spirit Siegebreaker Abyssal Energy I Abyssal Energy II Fatal Reflection Fear of Death Poison Gas Virulent Infection Strike of Darkness Trauma Hard Rain Divine Floating Lava Shackle Divine Collection Deep Sleep Flame of Death Powerful Strike Pushing Strike Cruel Strike Down Wrathful Punch Sticky Sap Crystallization Paralysis Pulverization Echo Aether Explosion Lunacy Explosion Aether Wave Shadow of Death Hot Spirit Fire Absorb Energy Wrath Explosion Head Wound Darkness Snare Dark Force Cleave Venom Burst Life Absorption Thunderbolt Magical Eye Nightmare Fireball Flame Shackle Mortal Tempest Head Wound Statue Curse Fatal Reflection Petrification Powerful Petrification Absorb Vitality Sleep of Death Wing Smash Tendon Paralysis Bravery of the Composed Confident Boost Courage Desperate Effort Repay Crush Joint Stun Strike Battle Cry Shock Shock Assault Sword Force Sword Force Wide Ranged Knockback Wide Ranged Knockback Smash Smash Redirect Attack Redirect Attack Temporarily Iron-Clad Temporarily Iron-Clad Paralysis Wave Paralysis Wave Fear Casting Fear Casting Burn Wings Burn Wings FPATK_Instant Test Powerful Knockdown Flame Shower of Wrath Qooqoo You Carapace Powerful Knockdown Endless Power Abnormal Air Current Charming Attraction Losing Rationality Blobble Formation Blow Up Blobble Poisonous Bomb Explosion Bomb Install Bomb Surprise Bomb Abnormal Toxicity Suspicious Pain Rotate First Rune Carve Second Rune Carve Toxic Rune Pain Rune Organism Transfer Shadow of Death Deep Freeze Water Wave Strong Water Wave Quick Freeze Cold Water Strike Chilling Water Ice Shield Darkness Influence Gust Spirit Gale Spirit Drop Strike with Grudge Water Strike Boost Courage Gloomy Fear Fatal Disease Perfect Hide Quick Blindside Attack Turn Back Successive Crippling Wave Repetitive Crippling Wave Wide Thrust Crippling Wave Recovery Destruction of Life Wave of Curse