Hazy Mind Wild Shot Out-of-Body Experience Fervent Consume Flesh Insanity Eruption Crippling Wave Stun Wave Tear Flesh Deep Tear Flesh Successive Crippling Wave Wound Explosion Surprise Attack Successive Crippling Wave I'm the king of Atreia! Headache-causing Belching Voracity Mud Throwing Holy Wave Deadly Chain of Blessing Come here! Protective Wave Complete Lunacy Induce Acrophobia Strike Explosion Flame Chain Blood Cell Destruction Blood Sucking Death of the Cursed Lunacy Transfer Flashbolt Wide Thrust First Rune Carve Soul Torrent Inhalation Lightning Shock Repetitive Strike Krall Iron Armor Hindering for Defense Second Rune Carve Deep Sleep Gale Wave Out-of-Body Experience Wide Area Swoon II Wide Area Swoon III Wide Area Aerial Thrust I Wide Area Aerial Thrust II Wide Area Aerial Thrust III Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike I Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike II Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike III Wide Area Crash I Wide Area II Wide Area III Wide Area Soul Freeze I Wide Area Soul Freeze II Wide Area Rage I Wide Area Rage II Summon Illusion Gate Spirit Siegebreaker Wrath of Deity General Fury of Deity General Curse of Deity General Increase Wing Weight Cut Wings Wing Paralysis Poison Wing Ignition Air Turbulence Wing Paralysis Burn Wings Sword of Balaur I You are such a stupid little thing! Punish Laggard Contaminated Tree Gas Poison for Defense Curse of Soul Crippling Wave Mortal Cutting Crippling Wave Aerial Thrust Strike Down Absorb Vitality Soul Torrent Fatal Poison Nerve Absorption Flame Shower Confusion of the Cursed Blood Cell Destruction Mean Trick Mean Trick Gale Flash Breathtaking Pierce Lightning Smash Mark of Corruption Terrifying Awakening Pierce Reflect Damage Spell Reflect Magic Spell Storm Flash Deliberate Trick Deliberate Trick Flash Hatching Vengeful Orb Vengeful Orb Pierce Silence Strike Stun Wave Detonation Rancid Fluid Breathtaking Pierce Shock Gluttony Thump Gale Flash Breathtaking Pierce Malicious Ice Storm Elemental Defense: Fire Elemental Defense: Water Elemental Defense: Wind Elemental Defense: Earth Transformation: Fire Spirit Transformation: Water Spirit Transformation: Wind Spirit Transformation: Earth Spirit Protective Shield Charge Artifact Artifact Explosion Bomb Explosion Bomb Explosion Bomb Activation Bomb Activation Silence Bind Elemental Defense: Fire Elemental Defense: Water Elemental Defense: Wind Elemental Defense: Earth Forward Bombing Pattern Engraving Pattern Explosion Orb of Recovery Orb of Protection Operate Ignition Device Purified Soul Power of Destruction Earth Shaking Shield Lightning Smash Explosive Chill