Full Energy Wave of Surkana Twister Engraving Storm Engraving Engraving Explosion Agonized Memory Fearful Emergence Fearful Emergence Snare Trap IV Ice Sheet III Destruction Trap I Destruction Trap II Command: Spirit Barrier Earth Command: Spirit Barrier Wind Command: Spirit Barrier Fire Command: Spirit Barrier Water Command: Spirit Barrier Tempest Command: Spirit Barrier Lava Command: Element Discharge Earth Command: Element Discharge Wind Command: Element Discharge Fire Command: Element Discharge Water Command: Element Discharge Tempest Command: Element Discharge Lava Nightmare Trap Effect Oblivion Dirk Pulverize Oblivion Into the Vision Reflect Magic Magical Power Explosion Ranged Bombardment Giant Explosion Bombardment Expansive Barrage Core Bombardment Shock Wave Shock Wave Surkana Explosion Contaminated Memory Board the Turret Board the Turret Protection Blessing Lizardbane Blessing Dispell Buff Dispell Buff Protective Shield Destroy Castle Gate Dredgion's Power Core Barrier Disable Board the Turret Board the Turret Board the Turret Board the Turret Dismount Dismount Dismount Iron Wall Predatism Magic Ward Overheating Core Bombardment Self Hypnosis Wide Area Shield Bash Iron Skin Healing Armor Hand of Healing Face Smash Break Power Shield Bash Cleave Armor Cruel Strike Shining Slash Wide Area Bodyguard Instant Cut Wide Area Chain of Earth Wide Area Stone Shock Spirit Armor of Darkness Inferno Fear Shriek Sandblaster Tranquilizing Cloud Kistenian's Curse Flame Bolt Burst Spirit Back Flow of Flame Spirit Vortex of Flame Spirit Flash of Flame Summon Fire Spirit Replenish Element Spirit Flash of Flame Spirit Vortex of Flame Spirit Back Flow of Flame Spirit Defense Spirit Element Explosion Strike of Flame Arrow Strike Arrow Strike Arrow Strike Arrow Strike Arrow Strike Arrow Strike Griffon's Blessing Worg's Wrath Wave of Destruction Magnetic Field of Destruction Wave of Paralysis Magnetic Field of Paralysis Wave of Annihilation Magnetic Field of Annihilation Engine Explosion Gravity Distortion Shackle Holy Wave Magical Wave Piercing Gale Wave Ranged Shove Rapid Confirming Strike Wake up! You lazybones! Fatal Energy Guardian's Shield Guardian's Shield Shock of Wrath Powerful Petrification Balaur Form Flame Attack Cruel Counter Blow Perfect Shield Wing Damage Wave Strong Poison Sting Thwart Intention to Move Aggravate Poisoning Decaying Poison Sting Stun the Poisoned Atrocity Fire Wave Powerful Fire Wave Powerful Attack Flame Cyclone Wide Snare Small Bloody Wind Powerful Bloody Wind Powerful Wind Attack Scratching Cyclone Aether Ray Aether Ray Aether Ray Aether Ray Spirit Siegebreaker