Deadly Bolt I Lightning Burst Acidic Mist Lethal Acid Divine Power Divine Wave Divine Pain Divine Strike Divine Silence Frantic Explosion of Wrath Wrathful Strike Strike Crippling Wave Staggering Shock Powerful Strike Devastating Slice Savage Downbursts Flatten Foe Curse of Roots Heal Capture Brandish Overwhelming Blow Ranged Smash Entangling Root Far Blast Boost Attack Aberrant Wave Meteor Shower Udas' Protection Hide Shape Become Mist Alert Taunt Protective Down Reaching Doom Ranged Strike Incite Fury Mid-range Strike Protective Shroud Ranged Blind Ranged Enervation Ranged Stun Aqua Vitae Ranged High Strike Ranged Protection Ranged Healing Ranged Strike Poison Spray Ranged Shock Ranged Shock Counterattack Far Strike Nimble Movement Wide Brandish Ranged Shock Strike Ranged Shock Counterattack Distant Clasp Ranged Strikedown Rune Etch Runeburst Strong Toxin Shocking Blast Wide Rebuttal Wide Rebuke Intensify Toxin Celestius' Whip Celestius' Net Drain Moisture Celestius' Thorn Spore Shower Grasping Tendrils Absorb Aether Queen's Wingbeat Queen's Welcoming Queen's Pride Queen's Song Queen's Teeth Queen's Kiss Watchman's Whip Moss Armor Jagged Teeth Foul Entrapment Toxic Talon Thornbush Armor Kinquid's Thrust Kinquid's Blast Kinquid's Bite Gellmar's Protective Barrier Kinquid's Toxic Fang Toxic Fang Rending Bite Paralysis Attack Crippling Bite Drain Stamina Summon Komad Foul Fluid Grounding Gas Dux Form Stallari Form Empyrean Protection Unyielding Snare Far Wound Long Range Wound Far Tangle Far Spray Far Burst Putrid Cloud Savage Wound Lasting Savage Wound Knockdown Intoxicate Intoxicate Shock Shock Wound Wound Bind Feet Bind Feet Foot Attack Foot Attack MP Exploitation MP Exploitation Turn Back Sleep Improve Muscle Strength Harden Skin Concentration Focus Defense Hide Hide Brandish Brandish Brandish Brandish Brandish Brandish Brandish Strong Brandish Strong Brandish Strong Brandish Strong Brandish Strong Brandish Strong Brandish Strong Brandish Shock Wave Shock Wave Shock Wave Shock Wave