IDElemental1_1Nmd_AreaAttackmid_Basic Area Damage Long-distance Roll Depression Weakening Severe Blow I Iron Skin I Boost Morale Combat OFF Royal Swordsmanship Rage Rage Rage Weaken Drana Charge Bomber's Eye Get on Balaur Siege Weapon Fire Cannon Combust Cannon Get Off Wait for Combat Flame Grip Rakescar Surge of Glory Drakie Curse Surge of Glory Surkana's Torment Surkana Aura Soul Conflagration Self-recovery Spinning Blade Pletus' Chastisement Pletus' Ray Drain Surkana Explosion Aetheric Explosion Self Destruct Foreleg Swipe Aether Absorption Time Wrinkle Recovery Absolute Defense Powerful Defense Strong Defense Scrap Collect Defect Drana Storm Drop the Drana Bomb Fire Drana Cannonball Spray Drana Acid Explosion Great Explosion Phantasmal Clone Shadow Snare Hemophobia Crawling Darkness Shadow Cloak Hide Dispel Hide Dispel Shadow Cloak Self Destruct Poison Slash Clone Disturbing Mind Unerring Arrow Sawteeth Arrow Surge of Glory Spiritual Focus Initialize IDElemental_CommonEvade_buff Shock Wave Emergency Escape IDForest_ManduNmd_Longround(LongRangeDonut) IDForest_ManduNmd_Areapulled(LongRangeCapture) IDForest_ManduNmd_Areaatk(StrongAreaAttack) IDForest_ManduNmd_Polyrun(TransformationSkill) Unbalance Wrath of Zadra Aether Fusion Killing Field Barrier and damage reflection Fragment Powder Crippling Cut Firebolt Misery's Company Aether-Infused Armor Under Repair IDForest_3Nmd_Longround(LongRangeDonut) IDForest_3Nmd_areafear(AreaFear) Undercover Sunsurge Pletus' Interruption Energetic Rush Oncoming Doom Away With You! Ludicrous Speed Surkana Barrier Surkana Barrier Shock of Oblivion Terror of Oblivion Shackles of Oblivon Crash of Oblivion Reticence of Oblivion Oblivion Explosion Oblivion Explosion Twilight of Oblivion Reflect Magic Ruthless Dervish Shulack Strike Capture Torturer's Song Recovery Hide Toxic Dust Crush Keep in Check Hypervolt Beam Red Alert Drana Storm Fire Cannon Spray Drana Acid Board the Steam Tachysphere. Canyonguard's Target Relic Explosion Relics Collapse Overclock Shulack Energy Drink Section 3 Massacre display PC polymorph dispel Surkana Overload Emergency Repair Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Aggression Stance Root Magma Blast Tempest Blast Strengthen Flesh Death Dread Death Strike Flame Bolt Discombobulate Catastrophe Aerial Thrust of Darkness Hellish Visitation