Terrible, Terrible, Damage! Guilty Verdict Great Explosion Dimensional Vortex Small Recovery Trap Damage Stunning Shot VI Rupture Arrow VII Heart Shot IV Drake Arrow I Shock Arrow V Gale Arrow VI Swift Shot VI Arrow Strike VI Mana Treatment V Bestial Virago V Charged Drana Bomb Jab Godstone Pride Doppelganger Boost Magic Defense Boost Magic Defense Negate Magic Weakening Severe Blow III Ferocious Strike III Robust Blow III Explosion of Rage II Shield Counter III Use the dish from the warehouse Use the healing potion from the administrator warehouse Godstone Power: Orissan's Blood Godstone Power: Charna's Root Godstone Power: Eio's Tears Use the cheap dish Use the cheap healing potion Cold Teleportation Wind Flame Teleportation Shower Stun Teleportation Wave Young Void Flame Young Adrift Young Gravitational Shift Young Space Twist Hide I Deadshot II Stunning Shot I Rupture Arrow I Entangling Shot I Swift Shot I Arrow Strike II Take out expensive weapon Thorny Skin I Summon Holy Servant II Infernal Blaze III Hallowed Strike III Divine Touch III Booming Strike III Healing Light III Robe of Cold II Robe of Earth II Aether's Hold I Aether Flame I Chain of Earth II Stone Shock I Sleep I Summon Fire Spirit III Strike Stun Divine Blow Trainee's Strike Sleeping Dragon Dance Sleeping Dragon Kick Magic Tolerance Borrow the effect of the Weakened Strength Relic Borrow the effect of the Weakened Mana Relic Training Results Queen's Pride Armor of Retribution Mighty Roar Powerful Knockdown Savage Downbursts Redirect Attack Blindside Attack Poison Wound Powerful Strike Self-recovery Pull Use the scroll from the warehouse Use the anti-personnel bomb from the administrator warehouse Powerful Strike Space Cleave Earth Shock Wave Manduri Strike Manduri Stun Starcrab Pincer Smash Starcrab Shell Repose Hunt Time Fang Bite Paw Thrash Detect Magic Magic Smash Wind of Silence Brown Bear's Roar Brown Bear's Scratch Steel Skin Steel Claw Steel Heart Fear Casting Play Dead Ability Drain Ability Drain Word of Wind Quick Strike Remote Strike Rough Press Strike Skin Tear Deadly Poison Magical Blow Magical Smash Unstable Magical Strike Final Choice Panic Panic Attack Fear Sand Toss Passing Paralysis Core Shocked Jolting Call Silence Strike Bonebreaker Slowhand Slowstep Cripple Diminish Strength Shieldnumb Soulbreak Soulshatter Warrior's Boon Ironskin Sorcerer's Boon Magic Shield Accelerate Berserker Frenzy Explosive Wrath Instant Healing Natural Healing Solidify Impassable Protection Soul Control