Opportunist Show Yourself Clone Sanguine Paralysis Judge's Verdict Vicious Strike Robust Blow Water Magic Smash Fling Cyclone Smash Quartz's Curse Suicide Wailing Upgraded Strike Firewater Firewater Cleave Armor Slowing Arrow Nature's Armor Hariken Fire Seething Explosion II Prudent Strike Powerful Energy Wave Swiping Blow Sandwave Sand Smash Quicksand Submerge Rancid Fluid Mirror Shards Summon Illusion Fantasy Wave Red Flame Blue Flame Resume Combat Chastise Palm Blast Reian Combat Rations Reian Emergency Rations Exhaustion Legionary Strike Legionary Blaze Legion Shriek Hide II Wind Walk III Desperate Vow Ambush Balaur Siege Cannon Extort MP Lockdown Restraint Charm Smoldering Fire Flame Emission Searing Instinct Inferno Torment Stigma Brazier Curse Frozen Shock Death Wave Black Flame Earth Stir Conflagration Breath Wrathquake Demoquake Gravity Root Separation Shake Earth Fragment Combust Red Flamefist Blue Flamefist Purple Flame Armor Purple Flame Shield Purple Flame Blade Extinguish Blue Flame Extinguish Red Flame Red Flame Blue Flame Purple Flame Remove Weeping Curtain Ankle Bite Wrist Bite Weaken Armor Recovering Energy Gazing Trap Frozen Stare Contemptuous Stare Drop Stare Down Red Flame Weapon Blue Flame Weapon Purple Flame Weapon Magical Infusion Remove Iron-Clad Iron-Clad Summon Drana Teleport Interception Soldier Shout Control Siege Weapon Return Sikar's Blaze Oppression of the Reaper Fatigue Wave Unapproachable Blinding Flash Enfeebling Flash Command: Wrist Bite Command: Ankle Bite Self Destruct Fiery Judgment Reflective Shield Forward Strike Charm Engraving I Charm Engraving II Charm Engraving III Pain Rune Thrash Lone Strike Aerial Thrust Fallen Grace Gravity Sensor Weight of Space Bedrock Poisoning Seal Restraint Stonefire Seal Breaker Stone Spite Price of Wrath Death Sentence Crashing Wind Strike Debarim's Power Maelstrom Pulse Terraspin Reaction Collapse Rockfall Charm: Nature's Wrath Charm: Nature's Blessing Magical Excess Charm: Nature's Curse Magical Power Case Shots Secret Charm Charm: Water Cell Power Press Strike Rushing Sandstorm Dizziness Wily Trick Temporary Retreat Absolute Barrier Blessing Plunder