Iron-Clad Health Supply Pressure Eruption Speed Up Get Off Board: Offense Mid-range Cannon Lay Landmine Speed Up Transformation: Siege Cannon Get Off Shock Cannon Bleeding Cannonball DP Supply DP Absorption Return Get Off Oppressing Fear Shock Paralysis Frozen Fear Aetherization of the Abyss Divine Grasp Capture Enter Judgment Time Board Antiaircraft Gun Board Antiaircraft Gun Board Antiaircraft Gun Fire Cannonball Fire Paralysis Bomb Blessing Aura FFA Basic Stage Arrest and Damage Object Skill Flame Eruption Lava Eruption Crater Explosion FFA Flying Stage Aerial Paralysis Object Skill Aether Current Flame Current Lay Landmine Stomp Headbutt Satisfaction Bark Bite Satisfactory Blessing Aura Lava Eruption Crater Explosion 1VS1 Flying Stage FP Recovery Object Skill (Start) Blessing Aura Unstable Magical Strike Weaken Resistance Heal Area Heal Attacking Instinct Assault Tear Burst Chaos Storm Ankle Snap Silhouette Concentration Throw Poison Bridge Breaker Destroy Bridge Collapse Sharp Dragon Skin Padmarashka's Poison Padmarashka's Curse Destructive Claw Destructive Bite Poisonous Breath Barrier of Deadly Poison Whirlpool of Death Brandish Tail Chilling Gaze Padmarashka's Roar Deep Maternal Love Tiamat's Protection Cave Collapse Spreading Poisonous Cloud Bite Remove Watching Eye Defense Aether Elemental Resistance Aether Power Aether Magical Aether Defense Aether Effect Elemental Resistance Aether Effect Power Aether Effect Magical Aether Effect Destroy Defense Aether Destroy Elemental Resistance Aether Destroy Power Aether Destroy Magical Aether Stun Fire Punishment Water Punishment Spirit Punishment Spirit's Thorn Shield Aether Concentrator Standby Aether Concentrator Standby Wide Tear Toxic Mist Wide Area Stun Earth Shaker Unstable Magical Power Wave Unstable Magical Power Wave Cause Disease Bind Spider Web Throw Spider Web Word of Inspiration Word of Inspiration Word of Inspiration Word of Inspiration Word of Inspiration Word of Inspiration Word of Inspiration Word of Inspiration Word of Inspiration Arrogant Dismissal Smash Incarnate Surge Tail Slash Enhance Attacking Instinct Leg Strength Fatal Strike Crystalline Crush Hypnosis Distant Hypnosis Screeching Sound Wave Gravitational Collapse Thunderbolt Dark Breath Shockwave Petrification Stone Thorn Breath of Earth Incite Rage Rage Calm Berserk Wrathful Breath Wrath Drop Weapon Erosion Fissure Breath Fissure Flame Crippling Cut Collapsing Earth