Blood Desire Lacerating Bite Ruinous Lunge Hellish Assault Inferno Breath Seismic Shock Falling Debris Floor Damage End Combat Teleport Remove Time Stop Teleport Delirium Delirium Delirium Delirium Delirium Surkana Charge: Protection Surkana Charge: Reflect Summon Balaur Prison Guard Stamina Drain Empyrean Fury Kaisinel's Magical Blow Marchutan's Magical Blow Reian Spirit Ultimate Atrocity Ultimate Atrocity Earth Destruction Toss Bomb Sharp Smash Self Destruct Explosion Delirium Electric Smash Electrocute Steel Protection Magic Protection Remove Steel Protection Remove Magic Protection Storm Weapon Storm Weapon Summon Storm Messenger Weld Divine Strike Self Destruct Summon Volt Spark Volt Spark Raging Electric Storm Raging Electric Storm Raging Electric Storm Raging Electric Storm Delirium Burrow Gnaw Gnaw Puncturing Blow Erupt Erupt Baby Burrowing Worm Sticky Liquid Spinal Thorn Delirium Fireball Sudden Descent Fiery Sea Stamina Drain Fiery Sea Summon Shooting Star Shooting Star Strike Updraft Self Destruct Explosion Alert! Delirium Electrocution Electrocution Pincer Attack Circle of Destruction Sunayaka's Breath Simmering Rage Arrogant Dismissal Crystal Fragment Crystal Fragment Crystal Fragment Survival Instinct Summoning Ritual Nightmare Explosion Flow Mid-range Rune Carve I Mid-range Rune Carve III Mid-range Pain Rune Powerful Mid-range Pain Rune Conqueror's Passion Conqueror's Passion Sword Storm Long-range Area Stride Decrease Wide Area Wrathful Strike Fear Shriek Activate Explosion Trap Shock Wave Capture Activate Paralysis Trap Israphel's Protection Nightmare IDF2a_Solo_Named_Casting Long Range Physical Damage+Bleeding For 10 sec IDF2a_Solo_Named_Casting Movement Speed Decreased by 50% IDF2a_Solo_Named_No Casting_Skill For Display (Wind of Chase) IDF2a_Solo_Named_No Casting DoT Heal (Unlimited/250 every 5 sec) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Open Aerial IDF2a_Solo_Named_Damage+Close Aerial IDF2a_Solo_Named_Named_Long Range Magical Damage (Ground) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Shield (1750) IDF2a_Solo_Named_No Casting Area Magical Damage (Water)+Cripple Attack Speed IDF2a_Solo_Named_Skill For Display (Water Pillar) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Summon_Area Damage (Water)+Stumble IDF2a_Solo_Named_Long Range Magical Damage (Fire)+Mana Burn 20% IDF2a_Solo_Named_No Casting Long Range Magical Damage (Fire) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Skill For Display (Flame Pond) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Summon_No Casting Area Damage (Fire) IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Close Range Physical Damage+Defense Decrease+Bleeding IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Shield (750) IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Casting DoT Heal (120 sec/125 every 5 sec) IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Close Range Physical Damage+Redirect Attack IDF2a_Solo_Mob_No Casting Focused Evasion IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Long Range Physical Damage+Movement Speed/Attack Speed Decrease IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Physical/Magical Attack Increase IDF2a_Solo_Mob_No Casting Long Range Magical Damage (Fire) Summon Bonfire Energy Midnight Robe Blessing of Blood Area Blood Sucking Blood Sucking Area Press Extensive Engravings Extensive Engravings Explosion Attack Command Self-destruct Command Sacrifice Explosion Area Soul Strike Strong Soul Strike Withering Gloom Thunder Crash Fallout Magic's Freedom Deceleration Curse Strike of Invincibility Tremor Tremor Earthquake Fallout Earth Upheaval Earth Upheaval