Ground Wave Rift Strike Time Stop Time Speed Time Rush Time Slow Decapitation Fettertwine Crisis Evasion Magical Drana Smash Curse of Ambulation Activate Radial Magic Ward Activate Circular Magic Ward Gravity Buildup Operate Gravity Control Device Gravity Reduction Gravity Distortion Gravity Distortion Gravity Field Compression Gravity Field Compression Commander's Strike Adjutant's Strike Wave of Pain Sweeping Strike Storm Blade Storm Blade Defense Mark Burst Flames of Retribution Sea of Retribution Flame Chain Storm of Retribution Piercing Strike Piercing Strike Lava Eruption Looming Flame Summon Fire Lord Fiery Spear Fire Petal Spray Flame Terror Defensive Stance Assault Stance Retaliation Stance Recovery Stance Wave of Death Lava Eruption Lava Eruption Lava Protector Heatvent Protector Bind Silence OFF Soul Bite Power Roar Trooper Shock Triumphant Roar Drill Explosion of Wrath Assault Activate Ide Fearful Panic Ide Frenzy Explosion Recovery Life or Death Life or Death Life or Death Spatial Murder Empyrean Lord's Shout Summon Empyrean Lord's Siege Weapon Explosion Desperate Interference Soul Plunder Spatial Murder Spatial Murder Agent's Valor Agent's Fervor Command: Earth Rupture Command: Wind Rupture Command: Flame Rupture Command: Water Rupture Command: Tempest Rupture Command: Lava Rupture Command: Earth Wave Command: Wind Wave Command: Flame Wave Command: Water Wave Thunder Crash Fallout Area Thunder Crash Fallout Command: Storm Wave Command: Lava Wave Body Snatch Ghost Shout Flame Spirit Absorption Ghost Dash IDEvent01_Target Area Deal Stun Freeze Aerial Snare Aetheric Shield Endless Inferno [Event] Enlightening Candle Blessing [Event] Gilded Candle Blessing [Event] Emboldening Candle Blessing [Event] Banquet Blessing Abyssal Explosion Area Hide Remove Hide Surkana Absorption Surkana's Energy Follower's Madness Area Smash Smash Casting Drakan's Dark Spirit Armed Soul Absolute Pain Absolute Magic Capture Healing Fragmentation Frontal Smash Voice of Healing Absolute Smash Resolute Blow Focused Offensive Event Buff Protective Barrier Dispell Shield of Cold Air Spiritual Offensive Hallucinatory Victory Remove Ignition Blaze Engraving Blaze Flagstone Ignition Round Flame Charge Siel's Relics Incantation of Expulsion Transformation I: Dragon Lord Dragon Lord's Roar Dragon Lord's Claw Ultimate Atrocity Ultimate Atrocity Ultimate Atrocity Ultimate Atrocity Ultimate Atrocity Ultimate Atrocity Dragon Lord's Roar Hand of Threat Hand of Warning Glance of Contempt Kaisinel's Light