Mental Exhaustion Chain Slash Charged Fist Successive Strike Pulse Wave Dimensional Wave Rending Shadow Rending Shadow Chains of Command Soul Plunder Dark Sign Soul Extinction Soul Extinction Field Dark Affinity Wall of Blades Everlasting Life Charged Fist Charged Fist Shadow Blast Instant Shadow Blast Rending Shadow Chains of Command Shadow Minion Dimensional Wave Flanking Counter Destructive Assault Pulse Wave Dragon Lord Seal Guard Seal Dragon Lord Purification Burdened Curse Deteroriate Soul Plunder Power Attack Aerial Thrust Frigid Blast Ice Explosion Immortality Blessing Summon Crystal Arctic Current Rigid Gait Frozen Blur Fierce Fireline Ereshkigal's Protection Binding Curse Silence Curse Share Source Raging Hellfire Raging Hellfire Summon Freezing Crystal Crystal Fall Flame Death Bless of Guardian Spring Prestigious Blessing Aggressive Shot Armaments Thief Bombardment Shock and Awe Protective Shield Restore Spurn Direction Shift Fire Cannon Board the Cannon Board the Cannon Bombardment Area Bombardment Detonation Chop Chain Chop Mini Gattler Long-Range Mortar Direct Hit Armor Pierce Boost Wounding Round Long-Range Mortar Strategic Mortar Point Blank Mortar Concussion Guided Concussion Reflect Spawn Assault Cannon Volley Shock and Awe Strike Blow Grasp Shocking Charge Aerial Thrust Ide Backflow Ide Charge Ide Contamination Ide Frenzy Strike Blow Bombardment Power Round Mortar Spent Ide Mortar Rapid Shot Desperate Shot Burrow Assault Mode Strike Blow Forward Fire Rear Fire Direct Hit Charge Cannonball Take Down Spawn Detonation Point Blank Mortar Bombardment Power Point Blank Mortar Power Round Mortar Forward Mortar Target Spent Ide Mortar Death from Above Burrow Mirage Dance Chaos Wind Reserved Step Slashing Chain Chop Armaments Thief Armaments Thief Armaments Thief Armaments Thief Point Blank Mortar Bombardment Power Point Blank Mortar Power Round Mortar Bombing Multishot Explosion Vengeful Scream Spiteful Sphere Spiteful Sphere Subzero Malice Rushing Subzero Malice Ide Scale Dragon Lord Blade IV Mirage Dance Chaos Wind Capture Chariot Dragon Lord Blade IV Slash