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Aggression radius: 20m

A philosopher without a specific job. She spends most of her time chatting with other Daevas in Great Temple.

Ah, good to see you, friend.

I didn't notice you standing there. I've been locked in this debate with Garuvagg for days.

I'm not giving up, though--not until I make him understand.

Can you believe Garuvagg? How can he write plays and not understand the purpose of the theater--its very reason for existence?

Art has a duty, don't you think? What is art?

Player: "Good art is about enlightenment."

Exactly! Most of the stuff Garuvagg writes is pure drivel. But even his work has depth--he just doesn't sees it! For instance, his highly-controversial play, "Red Night of the Abyss," explored the very nature of who we are.

They shut down the play for it! Garuvagg claims it was banned because of the nudity, but I know the real reason. In "Red Night," an Asmodian and an Elyos fall in love with each other.

His play challenged us to explore whether or not love might be possible between Asmodian and Elyos--and how similar we really are. I watched it every night before it closed.

Player: "I'm sorry I missed it."

You and Garuvagg must be kindred spirits! He says he just aims to entertain and make people happy, but I don't understand why he's afraid of probing the difficult questions. He's done it in the past.

His latest work touches on the similarities of an Asmodian and an Elyos. But he's lost his edge. Even if Garuvagg doesn't realize it, theater is essential in forcing us to reassess our values and opinions on life, love, and everything.

Player: "I just like watching things go 'Boom!'"

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