ID: 204271
icon NPC
<Union Boss>
Level: 40
HP: 8 686
Aggression radius: 20m

A Stevedores Union Officer. He deals with various Atreian items. He is looking for an Elyos Airship Design.

Azphelumbra, [%userclass].

The Aether flows smoothly today. It makes for fine sailing.

Wartime is tough on shipping. I remember when people would push and shove past each other to get their cargo aboard a transport.

Now I'm lucky to fill a single vessel! All this technology--cubes and teleportation are all very well, but no one thinks where their goods really come from.

The worst of it is having to be polite to Shugo! Disgusting creatures. I hold my tongue around them just so they'll keep us in business.

Player: "Azphel protect your business..."

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