ID: 204325
icon NPC
<Fortress Resident>
Aggression radius: 10m

A resident of Morheim Ice Fortress. He thinks kittens are cute.

Azphelumbra! Cold enough for you?

When we moved to Morheim, I expected the fortress to be a city, but it's more ice than fortress.

I don't expect high-end boutiques or anything. But there's not even a good restaurant! In Vanahal, we used to order and they delivered the food to our house.

Oh well, my father says the cold just hardens us, like steel.

Player: "Is your father the weaponsmith?"

No, my father is a Sentinel at the Temple. He's had lots of different assignments and we've traveled around a lot: Pandaemonium, Vanahal, and now here.

With this position putting him really close to the Abyss, he expects a promotion soon. I know it will be good for him, but I hope we stop moving around soon.

Player: "May Azhpel's shadow guide you."

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