ID: 273426
icon NPC
<Auxiliary Siege Cannon Soldier>
Aggression radius: 8m
Spell Debuff: 1 467


What do you believe is the most important factor in determining victory or defeat on a battlefield?

For some, it might be an excellent strategy and for others great soldiers. As a weapon manager, armament matters.

You need 30 million Kinah for each Auxiliary Siege Cannon, but it is worth it to watch your enemies be blasted to their next life!

Player: Purchase Siege Cannon.

Excellent choice.

I will install a Siege Cannon for you.

Player: "Fantastic."

You don't have enough Kinah.

Many supplies are consumed in battle. Sometimes we're short. That's just how it is.

Player: "That's a shame."

There is already a cannon in action.

You should hurry to the battlefield as well, Player!

Player: "On my way."

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