ID: 834305
icon NPC
<Shugo Helper>
Level: 50
HP: 14 614
Aggression radius: 20m


Do you need anything, nyerk?

Operating Sanctum Defense Turrets requires special power sources, nyerk.

They were tough and difficult to get, but who are we, nyerk? Pay us and we will do any... I, I mean, aren’t we kindly Shugos who help anyone in need, nyerk?

We risked great danger amidst the war to secure those power sources and then loaded them on transport vehicles, nyerk. Now it’s up to Daevas to move them, nyerk.

Protect the transport vehicles from the Balaur until you reach each Sanctum Defense Turret, nyerk. Then you’ll be able to operate the turrets, nyerk.

Oh right, don’t forget to pay us our fee at the end of the invasion, nyerk!

Player: Take the transport chariot to the turrets.

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