ID: 11404
Power: Energy of the Dark Dragon King
icon Skill
Skill Type: Normal

Target: Self
Cast Time: Cast Instantly
Cooldown: 5m
When your HP drop below 35%, your [%e0.All_BlackDragon_G1_Sys.e3.Statup.Statname] will increase just once by [%e0.All_BlackDragon_G1_Sys.e3.Statup.Value]%, your [%e0.All_BlackDragon_G1_Sys.e3.Statup.Statname2] by [%e0.All_BlackDragon_G1_Sys.e3.Statup.Value2]%, your [%e0.All_BlackDragon_G1_Sys.e2.Statup.Statname] by [%e0.All_BlackDragon_G1_Sys.e2.Statup.Value], and [%e0.All_BlackDragon_G1_Sys.e1.Statup.Statname] by [%e0.All_BlackDragon_G1_Sys.e1.Statup.Value] for [%e0.All_BlackDragon_G1_Sys.e3.Statup.RemainTime].

NOTE: This page shows only base skill damage values for a character without any equipment.
Additional info
Can jumpshot
Can use while moving

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