ID: 1929
A Sliver of Darkness
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Sanctum
Lv.: 20
Elyos Only

Speak with Jucleas. Talk to Ludina. Go to Verteron and speak with Morai. Go to the Sliver of Darkness and talk to Icaronix. Find the box containing information about the traitor. Talk to Ecus. Prepare yourself so that you can use the Stigma, then talk with Ecus. Defeat the Assassin Specter. Talk with Morai. Talk with Lavirintos. Talk with Miriya. High priest Jucleas is looking for you. Go to the Lyceum of Sanctum to meet him.
Having heard that someone is looking for a Daeva who has lost his memory, you travelled to the Sliver of Darkness in Verteron and met Icaronix.

According to Icaronix, you were the Brigade General of the Mirage Legion, a secret Legion under the direct command of Lady Ariel. Your legion disappeared whilst on a mission to retrieve the Artifact of Memory from Karamatis.

Icaronix said that, when you left, he attempted to locate a traitor inside the legion. He told you that he had kept the investigation details in a box stored deep inside a nearby cave. You went to find the box as he instructed, only to discover his story was a trap.

Legionary Ecus, now a wandering soul, told you he had discovered the traitor: Icaronix, only to be swiftly killed by him. With the help of Ecus' soul, you escaped from Icaronix's trap, met Lavirintos and Miriya, and received permission to use Stigma Stones.

Full quest's text:
Ah, you received my summons!

It's not often I interrupt a Daeva’s work. Had she not been so insistent, I wouldn't have sent for you.

It seems that you are a much sought after Daeva, Player.

Player: "Someone's been asking after me?"

Indeed. Ludina of the Dionysia Tavern came to me, a hood drawn across her face, and asked me to set up a clandestine meeting between the two of you.

It’s all very strange. She was reluctant to tell me why, and she came to me only because she had no other way to contact you. I suspect this has something to do with your past.

I urge you to go to Outer Dock and meet with her as soon as possible. The matter seemed most urgent.

Player: "I'll head there straight away."

I’ve been waiting for you, Player.

Working in the Dionysia Tavern, I come into contact with a lot of Daevas, hear a lot of things. Of course, you grow used to not getting involved, but when a customer comes to you with such sincerity...well....

Perhaps I should explain. Jucleas and I are not the only links in this chain. Someone is looking for you, Player.

Player: "For me? Who?"

He wouldn't speak about himself, a rare trait in the Dionysia, I can tell you. No, it was someone else he was interested in--"A Daeva who has lost all memory" was all he said. I thought of you, naturally.

You may not know me, Player, but word spreads fast in Sanctum. A mercenary with no memory becoming a Daeva isn’t exactly an everyday event.

Now, listen carefully. This customer of mine, he wanted me to tell you to seek out Morai at the Ardus Shrine. He said he'd be waiting for you.

Player: "I understand."

May Lord Kaisinel illuminate the path before you.

Welcome to the Ardus Shrine, Daeva, sanctuary of Lord Kaisinel, Lord of Illusion.

Many of the temple’s visitors come here on the Great Pilgrimage, but I sense this isn't your purpose.

Player: "Ludina suggested I come."

So, this is Player, the Daeva of whom Icaronix spoke. I've been waiting for you but now that you're here, I'm more than a little concerned.

Icaronix asks you to visit the Sliver of Darkness, Player. I'm just not sure how you'll fare there. It's unforgiving territory, dangerous in the extreme.

Still, Icaronix has requested your presence, so you must go. Are you ready?

Player: "I am prepared."

Player! Is it really you?

I...I'd heard you were still alive, but I scarcely dared believe it. Still, even with little but tavern tales and market rumors to guide me, I had to look, had to find out if it was true. I've left no flagstone unturned, Player, no idle gossip unexamined.

But why don't you speak, Commander? Do you not recognize your sworn subordinate, your loyal legionary? It is me, don’t remember, do you?

Player: "I'm sorry. I don't."

I suppose it's to be expected. Let me return to you what is rightly yours, Player.

You were the Brigade General of a secret legion in service to Lady Ariel, a legion known only to a select and fortunate few as the Mirage Legion.

We were the elite, the glittering edge of Elysea's blade, and with you at the helm none could stand in our way. Before...we were sent on a mission. It was dangerous, but our hearts beat boldly with a confidence born of success. We were to go to Karamatis to find the Artifact of Memories.

Player: "What happened?"

Shortly after they left for Karamatis, all contact was lost with the legion. The date of their expected return came and went, still with no word.

Of course, I tried desperately to gather information, even just to find out if they were alive or dead, but to no avail. My efforts met with cold silence and eventually I had to accept that the legion had been lost.

I was utterly alone. My greatest wish was to seek Lady Ariel's guidance, but as a lone was not my place. But you had given me an assignment of the utmost secrecy, one that was imperative to securing our future.

Player: "Tell me more."

There was a traitor inside the legion, a black seed poisoning our exploits. We would be out on reconnaissance and find ourselves ambushed. We'd flank an Asmodian phalanx only to find the enemy at our side, as if they heard our every step.

You assigned me to Sanctum, on my own, so that I might find the informant and infiltrate those who pulled his strings. When the legion was destroyed, I became certain the traitor was responsible. I sought refuge here, hoping to protect the information I had uncovered in my investigations and, in so doing, myself.

You will find all my notes, all my findings in a box in the cave over there. Please, fly there as soon as you can.

Player: "I'll go now."

Commander Player!

I thought you had...that is to is good to see you, alive and well!

With your return, perhaps the legion may shake off the specter of treachery and recapture its honor.

Player: "Who are you? I expected to find..."

Do you not remember? It is I... Ecus! Perhaps your memory has been affected....

It was Icaronix, wasn't it? He sent you here. How else would you have found your way to this forsaken cave? I'm not sure what he told you, but you must forget his words. Player...Icaronix is the traitor, the knife in our legion's back.

I was obeying orders to root out a spy operating from within the legion. The more I investigated, the more the signs began to point toward Icaronix. I'm certain he set us up at Karamatis, and I'm sure it was his Assassin Specter that found me here and brutally ended my life.

And here, once again, he has attempted to seal your fate.

Player: "There must be some way out."

There is perhaps one way. You must use Stigma.

Do not balk. You may have been robbed of your memory, but you are more than capable.

Take this Stigma stone. My soul is crystallized inside. Once equipped with shards, it will prove an invaluable tool in fighting the Assassin Specter, though it cannot be used outside this place.

Player: "I shall heed your words."

Equip the Stigma stone. With it there is some hope that justice will be visited upon Icaronix.

Remember, you will need shards to equip the stone. I've given you enough to try three times, but try not to waste them.

Great power resides in these crystals. In order to harness it, they must be used properly.

Player: "I'll try now."

You did it! Even though you couldn't remember how to fit the stone, it seems your muscle memory took over. Remarkable! I can only assume years of practice instilled such a familiarity with the Stones themselves.

Remember, Commander, a Stigma Stone is used just like any other skill. There's nothing else you need to know now that you've remembered how to fit the stone itself.

Perhaps this is why I've found it so hard to leave this place. Perhaps I was meant to help you recover your previous power before I could move on.

Player: "Then your task is done."

Nearly, Commander. There is one other problem.

The Assassin Specter still lingers. It's fiendishly strong and bested me easily. I can feel it approaching again, its hateful whispers growing ever louder.

There is no alternative, Commander. You must fight the Specter, use your Stigma abilities, and defeat it. Only then will you guarantee your release from this earthly prison.

Player: "And what of you, Ecus?"

What of me? I will have both found and achieved my purpose in one swift stroke, and my soul will be released into the Aether. It's not a fate I fear. I long for my release.

I'm pleased to have seen you again, Player. Knowing that I helped you, that I helped pay back even one of the many kindnesses you did for me gives me great joy....

Ah, you were never sentimental. My apologies, Commander. Steel yourself for this challenge, and when you have emerged victorious...then you must see to Icaronix, and take vengeance for our legion.

Player: "Of course. These wrongs will be avenged."

I believe you, Player, just as I did in life. I'll do all I can to support you, then I will be gone.

May Ariel's grace support you, Commander. Faith and arms!

Player: "Goodbye, Ecus."

Player! You have returned from the Sliver of Darkness!

I'm glad to see you. I grew concerned. Tell me, did you find Icaronix?

Player: "I did..."

I'm stunned. The honor of the Daevas should be beyond question. To think, someone sharing the same noble Elyos blood as I would beat their wings in the face of Aion!

Still, Ecus remained true--that's good. Even in the darkest moment, the soul of our people stands firm. And you were able to use a Stigma stone in the Sliver of Darkness. A stone infused with the soul of a loyal Daeva.

The Stigma stone may have disappeared now, but the skill with which you used it augers well. You should report to Lavirintos as soon as possible.

Player: "I'll go now."

What news, Daeva?

Trouble is written in your face like the scars on a battlefield.

Player: "I have a report to make..."

A secret legion under the command of Lady Ariel, with you at its head as Brigade General? These are strange tidings indeed. Stranger still is this traitor. We must find where his allegiance lies before others are harmed.

I’m not sure where this gets us. I certainly have no knowledge of such a unit, and with your loss of memory...well, truth is an elusive quarry.

More importantly, you are now qualified to use Stigma stones. Your endeavours in service to Sanctum have more than seen to that. Speak with Miriya. She will provide guidance on the use of Stigma stones.

Player: "I'll do that now."

Yes... Perhaps you are different from other Daeva, then. You have been through much hardship.

I have no doubt that Lavirintos was right to send you to me. In fact, your potential is almost palpable.

I am decided. I shall render to you all the assistance I can. Please, purchase the Stigma stone you want from Clymene and I will equip it for you. You have taken an important step here, Daeva.

Basic Reward
icon 112 517 XP
- Stigma Shard
- Strange Red Sack
Optional Reward
- Sigil Strike I (Assassin)
- Freestyle I (Songweaver)
- Rage Spell I (Chanter)
- Absorb Vitality I (Spiritmaster)
- Improved Stamina I (Gladiator)
- Nature's Favor I (Gunslinger)
- Divine Fury I (Templar)
- Grace of Empyrean Lord I (Cleric)
- Arrow Deluge I (Ranger)
- Nullification Trigger I (Aethertech)
- Lumiel's Wisdom I (Sorcerer)
Additional info
Quest giverMorai
Recommended level20
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceElyos Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

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